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Just a few hours away from his breakfast, Dipper Pines was now going on his first, and hopefully not his last, date with Pacifica Northwest, who was busy being slightly annoyed over the current conditions of their first date. Dipper was currently sporting something that Wendy had sent him during when the Pines Twins were away from Gravity Falls. It was a red flannel lumberjack shirt which was sent with a letter attached to it, saying,‘From one of my bros, still smells. Hopefully, you’ll remember all of us here when the smell hits you. We miss you guys ~ Wendy.’. It took Dipper five weeks of constant scrubbing to make it smell at least presentable, but Dipper soon learned through multiple experiments that girls seemed to like the whole lumberjack spice the shirt had. With that in mind, Dipper tried to maintain the shirts condition and kept it fresh until he would need it again, which would definitely be today. Dipper also decided to wear his regular sneakers as well as a pair of jeans. For his last change of dress, Dipper decided painfully to leave his hat back on his bed, just so that he could have a little bit of added manliness that the hat would not give. Thankfully, Dipper’s bangs were enough to hide his birthmark, only a little bit of it was shown that would make most people think it was a weird zit. Pacifica, on the other hand, wore something similar to what she would always wear. A purple shirt with white pants, wearing her cowgirl boots again to make everything appear to clash well. Besides that, Pacifica also sported a giant annoyed frown over their date not going as she planned it to go. Besides how the couple felt, it was a beautiful day in Gravity Falls as the sun was out and not a cloud in sight. A few joggers past the group of picnic goers with small estranged looks, not that they thought that the coupling of a Northwest to anyone else that didn’t have ten thousand dollars on them at all times was odd, it was more of who was tagging along with them which made most of the commoners look confused.

“I’m really sorry Pacifica, she just kept asking me so many… Weird questions. I just had to do what she said!” Dipper began to apologize for the twelfth time as they started their journey towards the special spot, hoping to wipe off the look of total spite on Pacifica’s face.

“Dipper, for the hundredth time, it’s alright! Really, it is. If I had a twin brother or sister like yours, I would have probably given up when she started to bring up sexual questions about you. I’m not angry with you at all. But she isn’t taking this trip seriously at all!” Pacifica said as she pointed to Mabel Pines who was running in circles around bother Her, Dipper and Waddles who had a fairly large pack filled with picnic essentials strapped to him. Since they began their journey out into the forest from the Mystery Shack, Mabel had not stopped running around them while having her arms stretched in the form of an airplane for a single second. Mabel had also superglued multiple gems and bits of glitter on one of her more plain sweaters, which formed into a heart made out of gems, and in the middle of the heart was a very glittery D and a just as glittery P. Most people would think on first glance that Pacifica had hired a very low grade cheerleader to have around her whenever she and her boyfriend ever went out, which was sadly not the case due to the fact Pacifica couldn’t fire Mabel at any time if she wanted to. Mabel would also giggle to herself as she ran around them, one time chanting in a very singsongy tone,‘Dipper and Pacifica, Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! A-N-D, N-O-T, S-T-O-P-P-I-N-G! B-E-C, A-U-S-E, M-E A-N-D W-A-D-D-L-E! S, W-E-R-E, W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G.’ Mabel was happily giddy as she couldn’t stop herself from feeling happy over her brother and his new girlfriend’s relationship, even if it meant that she had to make it look like the greatest event in human history.

“Alright. Let me just… Tell her to calm down.” Dipper said as he walked over to Mabel in order to save his first date from going up in flames. Dipper waved at Mabel and she slowed down from her jog as she was going to make another circle around the both of them.

“Hey, Mabel, Nice… Uhm… Enthusiasm!" Dipper said as he complimented her energy.

“I know right? I would've brought the megaphone to, but we were in a hurry.” Mabel said as she brought up her original plans for making the date into more of a spectacle than it already was.

“Ahh, that’s, uh… Yeah, that’s a shame. But hey, how about you just, you know, walk with Waddles and… Stop running around in circles.” Dipper said, coming straight to the point and told Mabel to tone it down a little bit. Mabel looked up in the air for a few seconds, pondering her order and looked back down at her brother with a smile.
“Okay!” Mabel said as she then ran past Pacifica, who still had an annoyed scowl on her face, and straight over to Waddles as she picked up the pig and began to give him a piggyback ride.

“Ready! Let’s get going!” Mabel announced as she waited for Dipper and Pacifica to continue walking. Pacifica gave a long glance at Mabel, then proceeded to walk up to Dipper to continue their march.

“Fixed?” Dipper asked as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Let’s just try to look like we don’t know her.” Pacifica said as she crossed her arms and continued to walk to their destination. Dipper and Pacifica began to walk a little more casually now that Mabel was slightly under control. Dipper and Pacifica began to chat with each other for the time they continued on the dirt path, Dipper glancing back every now and then to see Mabel with a wide grin, Waddles resting his head on her shoulder. Dipper then would take long looks from the corner of his eye at Pacifica and enjoyed her beauty. Dipper looked at the way her hair would bounce as she walked, the confident strut she had while next to him, and Pacifica would also have a small and very soft smile when they were talking. Dipper immediately fell in Love with that smile. It wasn’t a large, toothy grin that he or Mabel would have, rather it was just a small smirk that oozed of confidence and bravery. Of course Dipper had his own self-confidence and bravery at times, but when he was around Pacifica, he felt like he could do and beat anything.

“Alright, we need to take a right here.” Pacifica announced which caused Dipper to fall out of his day dreaming stare as she pointed over to another woodland trail that was connected to their dirt path.
“How much further Sis-Sis? Waddles is getting super heavy!” Mabel said in a whiny tone as she continued to struggle carrying her pet.

“Why couldn’t you just left the thing back at the Shack?” Pacifica said in what Dipper would begin to call Pacifica’s ‘Mabel Tone’.

“Last time I left Waddles alone in the Shack, he there an animal party. We had to totally take down a wall in order for the elephants to leave.” Mabel told Pacifica which caused her to look at Dipper to see if that was true. Dipper could only chuckle over remembering how Waddles broke out twenty zoo animals so that he could have a house party.

“The funny part is that Grunkle Stan tried to keep the tigers and lions. He said that we were going to make a Mystery Zoo for the Mystery Shack.” Dipper said, adding in another chuckle which caused Mabel to join in and laughed with her brother. Pacifica soon got infected and began to giggle with the twins as more stories were told, both funny and straight up embarrassing. All of the stories were also told mostly at the expense of Dipper. The trio continued to walk on the unbeaten trail, trusty pig still being carried. Dipper soon realized that even he didn’t know where they were heading and was about to ask Pacifica if they were going in the right direction, when suddenly, Pacifica gave a loud gasp.

“Oh No!” Pacifica exclaimed as she stopped walking and put her hands over her mouth in shock.

“What?! What’s wrong?!” Dipper said as he assumed a ‘Mythical Beast Battle’ position in case they were in danger.

“The bridge is out!” Pacifica shouted in despair as she pointed to a medium sized river with the small sign of a broken down bridge by the sides of the river. Dipper walked towards the water and examined it, seeing it was rather shallow.

“Well, it doesn’t look that deep. I think we can cross it if we just march over it.” Dipper said as he began to roll up his pants so that his clothes wouldn’t get wet.

“And get Pacifica wet?! Are you insane Dipper?!” Mabel shouted from behind both Dipper and Pacifica, setting Waddles down to the ground from the piggyback.

“Well do you have any ide-.” Dipper began to say until he saw Mabel, with a giant grin, reach into the pack that Waddles carried on his back.

“No.” Dipper said immediately as he recognized that grin Mabel had. That specific grin that meant she was going to handle things her way. The extreme way.

“Yes!” mabel shot back at her brother.
“No Mabel!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

“Mabel… No!”

“Little brother… Yes!”

“Mabel, it wasn’t even safe when we did it back when we were twelve!” Dipper exclaimed, arguing back and forth with his twin sister. With each retort from brother and sister, Pacifica’s eyes shot from Mabel and Dipper until she had to interrupt.

“What are you two-.” Pacifica began to question until she was interrupted by Mabel.

“Grappling hook!” Mabel yelled as she held up a gun that had a hook like appendage on the front that was also connected to a rope.

“Mabel, their is no way that grappling hook is going to work this time! We’re to old, to big, the line will probably snap and we’ll end up falling into the river and just get wet.” Dipper rationally began to explain how the grappling hook idea would fail.

“Are you calling me and Pacifica fat?” Mabel asked, shocked over Dipper’s speech.

“What?! No! We just weigh more then we did when we were twelve!” Dipper yelled to try and defend himself.

“Dude! That is so cold of you to call your twin sister and your new girlfriend fat!” Mabel continued to accuse Dipper of making weight accusations.

“I’m just saying-.” Dipper began to argue with his sister one more time before another interruption.

“Can it work?” Pacifica ask annoyed.

“Yes!” Mabel shouted happily.

“No!” Dipper shouted at the same time as Mabel.

“Pacifica. Imagine if you will about using a grappling hook to swing around from place to place whenever you want. This is totally, one hundred percent safe! Seriously!” Mabel said as she walked over to Pacifica and placed her arm around Pacifica as she aimed the grappling hook by a tree branch.

“Mabel, I still don’t know about this.” Dipper said as he stood next to both of the girls, crossing his arms in protest.

“It’s either you swing with us or you get to swim. Either way, i’m going to totally save your date from a watery pit stop!” Mabel stated her facts plainly as she contained to hold Pacifica across the shoulders. Dipper began to rub the back of his neck as he looked over the situation carefully, trying to see a way to not use the grappling hook.

“Well… It could be… Fun?” Pacifica said with a nervous smile. That smile will always seal the deal when it comes to anything Dipper and Pacifica would be at odds about. Pacifica would say Two plus Two equalled Eight with that exact same smile and that would be all the proof Dipper would need for her to be right. Dipper sighed and then stood close to Pacifica, willing to do the grappling hook idea. Mabel then hummed in confusion and looked between Dipper, her and then Waddles.

“Well, theirs no way I can carry all of you, so…” Mabel said as she picked Waddles over her head and threw him across the stream. Waddles landed with a soft thud onto the other side, totally unaffected from the toss.

“There! Now, both of you hook your arms around mine and we’ll go on an awesome adventure!” Mabel announced as she regained her aim towards the branch, while Pacifica and Dipper looked at each other a little worried at first, but then Dipper gave a nervous fein and then they both hooked their arms around Mabel.

“Grappling hook!” Mabel yelled and shot her grappling hook onto the branch, and with one swift jog with each other, the gang jumped over the river and soared shakily over the creak. While in the middle of their swing, a loud snap was heard above them which caused the rope to dip down.

“Uh-oh.” Mabel muttered lowly as they were only about a couple of feet away from the other side as their sense of gravity began to shift and Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica began to fall forward and tumble across the ground onto the other side of the river. Dipper and Pacifica tumbled on their sides as they landed, while Mabel landed on her rear. Dipper sat up angrily and was about to yell at Mabel for putting Pacifica in harms way, until he heard the most beautiful sound he had ever heard Pacifica begin to laugh heavily after the small tumble. Going with this, Dipper began to slowly chuckle with Pacifica, which caused Mabel to laugh as loud as Pacifica. Hearing herself and the others, Pacifica stiffened for a second and then cleared her throat as she got up from the ground and dusted herself off from the tumble.

“Well… That was certainly different. Hopefully we don’t have to do something like that when we need to go back to your Shack. Onward now.” Pacifica said as she extended a hand out to mabel for her to get up, and as the good twin Mabel was, Mabel ran over and past Dipper and snuggled with Waddles who was still wearing the picnic package on his back. Dipper shot out an angry look at how his twin sister could value their pets life more than his, and glanced to his left to see Pacifica hold out her hand towards Dipper to help him up, still having her small smile on her face. Dipper smiled and accepted Pacifica’s hand and got himself up. As soon as Dipper got up, Pacifica continued to hold onto Dipper’s hand and she lead the group further down into the woods to get to the star gazing spot. As of now, it was getting late, the sun was setting, and the real show was just about to begin.

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And Together We'll Cross The River
Sorry, this got out a little late. work and all. I hope you all enjoy and I hope you are enjoying the series. More to come. I also appreciate all of the critiques and responses you all are giving me, thank you
Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Sleep was soon evaporating from Pacifica’s mind, and she was soon fully awake. Dipper’s bed wasn’t as bad as she suspected it would be, yet it was definitely a lot comfortable due to Dipper holding her so tightly. If she would have to pick between her personal bed or his, Pacifica had to choose his for the ole fact of having the ability to sleep with Dipper Pines without having a shadow of a doubt of being interrupted if they decided to sleep at her place. Pacifica opened her eyes softly to see that she was sleeping on her side, face to face with Dipper. They were in a small hug with each other, arms draped around each other loosely holding one another. Pacifica took this moment to study Dipper’s sleeping face intently. He had a very small smile on his lips, probably due to clinging onto the end of a very nice dream. Pacifica then tried her hardest to actually remember what she dreamt about during their night together. She did remember it was a usual dream that had been infesting her head ever since she met the Dipper Pines. It was a dream about the both of them being on a very golden beach with soft finely combed sand. It was quite romantic, not that sleeping with a loved one wasn’t romantic in itself, but Pacifica remembering that they had to share their room with a very energetic twin sister did put a small awkward twist to it. With that in mind, Pacifica slowly motioned her free arm from holding Dipper to now softly trace his chin, mostly his jaw. Dipper softly scrunched his face on feeling the sudden contact, yet became relaxed again upon the soft touch from Pacifica. Pacifica then motioned her hand to travel upwards along Dipper’s face, all the way straight up to where his brown locks hid his somewhat embarrassing birthmark. Upon seeing the mark in all it’s glory, Pacifica gave Dipper’s forehead a quick peck which caused him to stir slightly from his dream.

“You know, I can quickly get used to waking up like this for the rest of my life.” Pacifica whispered in a matter of fact tone to a now waking Dipper. Dipper lightly opened his eyes to peek out to Pacifica who had fully awaken from her slumber. Dipper smiled and nudged his head downwards and clumsily bumped his nose onto Pacifica’s forehead and kissed the ridge of her nose drowsily, causing Pacifica to giggle from their contact. Pacifica then motioned her body and shifted so that her back would be pressing into his chest so that she could receive a tight and warm embrace like last night. Pacifica took her eyes off of Dipper for a brief second and looked over to the opposite side of the room where she came face to face with Mabel and her pig who were both propping themselves up by their elbows on Dipper’s bed, Mabel with her hands on her chin and Waddles with his hooves on his. Pacifica’s loving smile quickly evaporated from her face upon seeing the two on lookers so close to both her and her Dipper. Pacifica quickly elbowed Dipper with her elbow, causing him to grunt and wake up fully, opening his eyes to see his twin and their pet watching them.

“Mabel, how many times did I tell you not to watch me while I sleep?” Dipper asked as annoyed as he could be, given the fact he woke up to this scene.

“You never said anything about us watching you and Pacifica sleeping together.” Mabel retorted happily, stating the blatant loop hole in their ‘Living As Twins’ contract.

“Actually, waking up like this makes me really hungry for bacon.” Pacifica said, jabbing an insult straight into Mabel’s happy relationship with her pet pig.

“Silly Pacifica! Waddles can’t eat bacon! He’s a vegetarian!” Mabel said as she totally misinterpreted Pacifica’s insult with a giggle.

“Speaking of breakfast, let’s try to whip something up with each other that could be fairly edible.” Dipper said as he motioned to sit up and get out of bed.

“No! You two Lovey Dovey’s need to stay in bed while me and Waddles prepare the both of you the most romantic Breakfast In Bed ever!” Mabel said as she picked up Waddles and ran out of their bedroom and bounced all the way down into the kitchen.

“Okay Waddles! This is going to be the most important thing we’ll be doing to help tend this flame of purely epic romance! If we screw up here, the fate of my Bro and new Sis will go straight down the drain! Any ideas for a romantic B.I.B?” Mabel asked as she placed Waddles up on the counter and took out a few pans to start a kitchen nightmare of pancakes and pastries. Waddles answered with a snort and a squeaky oink that only those skilled with animals could translate.

“But we don’t have any caviar Waddles! Hmm… Unless you can get some in the ponds around town!” Mabel said as she quickly picked up Waddles and pushed him out of the kitchen window as he began to trot towards his ingredients.
“Waddle like the wind Waddles!” Mabel yelled out the window as she began to giggle out of control from pouring different sugary snacks and ingredients into a pancake pan. Meanwhile, upstairs, Pacifica and Dipper laid in bed, Dipper looking up uncomfortable as Pacifica looked around the room awkwardly. Pacifica then decided to break the ice by intertwining her fingers against Dipper’s hand, causing him to jump slightly from the sudden contact, causing Pacifica to laugh quietly as Dipper settled down with their hands. Dipper turned his gaze from the ceiling and back down to Pacifica, looking her over intently as she had her attention on the ceiling. Dipper glanced her up and down until finally Pacifica felt a stare burn into the side of her head, causing her to turn to her side and lock eyes with Dipper. Dipper began to think of multiple awesome and romantic things to say, yet his mouth stayed shut tight into a very bright smile as he continually gazed into Pacifica’s eyes, under a full loving trance that just made him speechless. Dipper decided the best thing to do was to go in for another kiss, just to start the day off on a great start, minus waking up to his sister watching them while they slept. Dipper moved his hand from holding Pacifica’s hand to lightly trace the side of her head, which made her droop her eyelids slightly in response and lean forward as Dipper proceeded to do the same. Their lips crashed quickly onto each other, Pacifica immediately taking things into a much more heated direction by opening her mouth wide for Dipper to do the same. Before Dipper could follow suite however, he heard the sounds of loud stomping footsteps making their way up back to the bedroom. Dipper immediately snapped out of their kissing bout and quickly shoved himself back to his original place as Pacifica looked over to Dipper, confused on why he would stop and not hearing the loud one girl stampede which stopped straight short of the bedroom door. Before Pacifica could realize, the bedroom door smashed opened as Mabel kicked it open, holding a tray of piping hot food in her hands.

“Romantic Breakfast in Bed Time!” Mabel announced loudly as she hopped over and set the tray of food into Dipper’s lap. Mabel sat down on a freed space of the bed as Pacifica and Dipper looked at what Mabel cooked up for them. What appeared on the plate where two medium sized stacks of pancakes, all shaped into hearts that were drenched in maple syrup with the letters D on one stack and P on the other.

“They look great Mabel, great job.” Dipper congratulated his twin with a smile as he handed a knife and a fork to Pacifica as he cut his own piece out of the Pancakes and began to raise it to his mouth.

“No you dweeb!” Mabel shouted in anger before Dipper could eat the piece he had cut out for himself.

“You have to feed each other, it’s the only way to be both caring and romantic at the same time!” Mabel protested as Dipper’s mouth hung open from as stopped himself before he could plop the small piece of food into his mouth. Dipper then looked over to Pacifica who had already cut a piece out of the heart shaped pancake that Dipper already took a piece out of and placed it into her mouth.

“I’m quite capable of eating pancakes by myself Mabel.” Pacifica said as she chewed on the soft breakfast snack.

“Lovecakes.” Mabel said wittily as she corrected Pacifica.

“Hmm?” Pacifica hummed in confusion while having her mouth full.

“Love Cakes. They are supposed to symbolize your bond as a new couple! Now, where is Waddles? He’s getting the best part, or at least that’s what he told me.” Mabel said as she glanced around the to find her pet pig.

“You let the pig cook for you? Does that happen often?” Pacifica asked to Dipper who chuckled nervously, but before he could respond, Waddles came trotting in while holding a tray on his back with a plate of his own dish from his bear hooves.
“There you are! Here, this is what Waddles made!” Mabel said as she poked Waddles on his cheeks and picked up his tray, placing it on Pacifica’s lap. Pacifica was still puzzled on how a pig could cook anything for breakfast, let alone not Be breakfast. Pacifica decided to look over whatever the animal made, which caused her jaw to drop and her eyes to widen to what she saw. Apparently, what Waddles made was a Omelette with Lobster Claw Meat that was mixed into the egg. On top of the Omelette laid exactly ten ounces of Caviar all piled neatly into the center of the Omelette. The whole piece of food was also lightly sprinkled with a few chopped herbs for the finishing touch.

“Wow! That looks great Waddles, you certainly out did yourself this time.” Dipper said as he congratulated the faithful pet with the same smile he gave to his twin. Pacifica still had the look of amazement and shock plastered to her face, and slowly raised her fork to the caviar and took just a tiny slice of eggs out of the whole batch.

“Remember.” Mabel said in a low whispery warning tone as she softly bounced on the bed. Pacifica then sighed and moved her fork that was lightly covered in fish eggs over to Dipper’s mouth slowly, cupping her hand inches below the fork to catch any stray egg that would fall.

“So… How do they normally taste?” Dipper asked Pacifica as he looked over the Caviar which was more for a higher priced taste bud that she had then the Twins could ever have.
“Slightly salty. I would normally recommend this type of dish served at a more suave party rather than a Breakfast In Bed. But I guess this is an okay occasion to introduce you to this.” Pacifica said, waiting for Dipper to open his mouton so that she could dump his portion into his mouth so that she can snack on her share. Dipper craned his neck forward slowly and took the piece of fish eggs from the fork and chew slowly, swallowing with a shiver as it went down which caused Mabel to raise her arms in victory over the couple sharing their food.

“Maybe you can have that and I’ll stick with the… Lovecakes.” Dipper said with a chuckle and a cough.
“I told you, you were going overboard.” Mabel said to Waddles who sat next to the bed.

“I know you are very concerned over how we are doing romance wise, but could you just leave us alone for a few minutes?” Pacifica asked as politely as she could to Mabel, who in turn gave a sad sigh.

“Alright, I get it. You two want to be alone so you can have ‘Fun’. Come on Waddles, let’s leave these two alone.” Mabel said reluctantly as she left the room with Waddles following her from behind, closing the door behind both of them with his mouth. With the departure of the pig and the twin sister, Pacifica comfortably leaned back into the bed and began to eat her breakfast quickly in silence as Dipper began to pick at his pancakes until he finally decided to speak up.
“So. What’s on todays schedule… Darling?” Dipper asked looking away from the Lovecakes to Pacifica, trying to make small talk.

“I feel like we should go on our first date today. I have a plan to get some stuff from my room and bring them back here. It’ll mostly be clothes, appearance products and such. While I’m gone, you can spruce yourself up and wear something appropriate for a picnic style date. I’ll take you to my spot for stargazing and we’ll see what happens from there.” Pacifica said happily as she looked over to Dipper to see what he thought of her idea.

“That sounds like a great idea. You should leave now, just in case your parents are planning on checking up on you in your room. I’ll get some food and drinks for the picnic… And I’ll probably have to get someone or something to distract Mabel.” Dipper said, sighing over having to think of a plan to get his Twin to not follow the both of them on their date.

“Great. I’ll just put this masterpiece on your drawer and I’ll go get my stuff. I’ll see you around by noon, just let me get changed out of this awful sweater.” Pacifica said as she got up and placed the Omelette with the caviar on the dresser nearby the beds as she began to undress out of her sleep wear. Dipper’s eyes widened as Pacifica quickly peeled off the Llama sweater and the white sweatpants, now only left in her underwear.

“Now, where did I put my clothes?” Pacifica asked as she walked over to the closet, looking past Mabel’s clothes to see if hers were covered up on piles and piles of sweaters. Dipper cleared his throat loudly to get Pacifica’s attention, causing her to turn around and look at Dipper.

“They’re… In the bathroom.” Dipper whispered, trying to look at anything else other than Pacifica’s bare skin.

“Oh! Right, sorry, hehe. I’ll just go get them.” Pacifica said as she motioned for the door to go to the bathroom.

“No!” Dipper shouted as he rushed over and grabbed Pacifica by the waist and dragged her away from the door.

“You really think Mabel wouldn’t be behind that door?” Dipper whispered into Pacifica’s ear as he held her close. The two stayed in the small hold for a few minutes until Dipper realized he was holding an almost naked Northwest in his tight grasp. Dipper once again cleared his throat and quickly pushed Pacifica away from his grasp with a nervous chuckle.

“S-ss-sorry… Sorry. Um, you know… I just woke up and…” Dipper stuttered and stammered over why he would hold Pacifica so abruptly.

“It’s alright, really. As for now, i’ll just have to make this skirt and this… Llama thing, work for me.” Pacifica said as she dressed back into the sweater and borrowed one of Mabel’s skirts to wear. Pacifica then reached over back to the door, turning to face Dipper one last time with a smile.

“I’ll be back by noon. I love you.” Pacifica said with a bright smile.

“I love you to Pacifica.” Dipper said with a grin as he sat back down on his bed. With their goodbyes, Pacifica opened the door to cause Mabel Pines to fall into the room face first.

“Uhm… I only heard the ‘Love you’s’.” Mabel said with a smile as she looked up at the two from the floor.

“Don’t bother your brother while I’m gone and please don’t follow us while we go out on our date. I’m going to get my boots and i’ll be off. And Don’t follow us when we are out on our date.” Pacifica restated as she walked past Mabel, took her boots from the bathroom and went down the stairs to leave the Mystery Shack. After a few minutes passed, Mabel shot back up to her feet and started to bombard Dipper with questions.

“What was she wearing? How did her boobs look? What about that booty? Does she have any tattoos? Does she have a tattoo with your name? You think you can make love with that? Was she pudgy? Tan lines?” Mabel asked rapidly as Dipper’s head began to spin from each question.

“Mabel! Mabel stop! Stop! Stop!” Dipper ordered to his twin while waving his arms in front of him to try and slow Mabel’s assault down.

“B-Cup? C-Cup? Was it lacy? was it hot? Do you think she’s still a virgin?” Mabel continued to ask her questions which caused Dipper to hold his head.

“Look Mabel, If I take you with us on our date, will you please stop asking me those questions? Forever?” Dipper asked at his sister, not really comprehending what he said until it was to late.
“Deal! This is going to be so great! Waddles can be our honorary Basket Carrying Pig and I’ll get some stuff ready for the picnic!” Mabel shouted with a loud gasp as she ran out of the room to find a basket and some supplies for their picnic. The only thing Dipper thought as he sighed and slowly dressed himself for the picnic was that would Pacifica get angry? Shortly he would come up with his own answer, being a yes.

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Master Chef Waddles
Chapter Three for the Marvelous Misadventures of A Pine Tree And A Llama. Feel free to comment and critique please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
“Ran away? How, why?” Dipper asked worriedly. He never knew of a real instance of a friend of his ever running away from home, even if it was to get away from their parents. But considering Pacifica’s rocky relationship with her parents, Dipper could kind of see why this would happen, but still, his questions needed answers.

“I was grounded the day you and your sister came back into town. I wanted to see you so badly Dipper… I wanted… This.” Pacifica said while she softly stroked both of Dipper’s arms to symbolize the closeness they have with each other.

“I decided to run away. I can’t just be stuck in my room while your out here. The thing is that they never check up on me when I’m grounded, so by now they would still think I’m in my room. I have two months to just spend my life with you Dipper. Please. Please let me stay with you.” Pacifica began to beg to Dipper as she clasped her hands around his right hand, on the verge of tears. This whole scene smacked Dipper right in the face, making him feel like he was in a whirlwind of emotions, mostly the heavy downpour of sadness. Dipper thought rationally for the time they had left until Mabel, Stan or Soos came crashing into the Shack, which made Dipper think quickly and come up with an answer before anyone could make this worse. Pacifica was coming to him in a time of need, and from what just happened minutes ago, Dipper couldn’t find it in his heart to just turn Pacifica down and let her find someone else to live with… Or could he?

“Am I… The last person you are turning to?” Dipper asked ever so carefully so that he wouldn’t rupture the hornets nest of emotions that would come spewing out at any misinterpreted line. Pacifica only shook her head up and fall back onto Dipper’s shoulder, crying. Drat! Dipper cried out in his mind, out of all the emotions I was prepared for, extreme sadness wasn't something I was prepared for. Dipper thought that if he wanted to salvage what could possibly be the greatest experience he’s ever going to have with a girl, he’s gonna have to think better and quicker than that. Time to go into Big Brother mode.

“Hey. Hey, it’s alright Pacifica. It’s going to be alright. I’m here, I’m going to take care of you… Take care of this.” Dipper said as he began to test more uncharted waters as he began to hold Pacifica tightly and pat her on the back, and after a few more sniffles and gasps from Pacifica, she slowed her crying down and was now softly weeping on his shoulder. Phase One for this operation to be a success was complete, but now on to Phase Two. Grunkle Stan. Their is no way that Dipper’s Grunkle would ever let Pacifica Northwest stay at the Shack for free. Pacifica was a Northwest, no matter how much she didn’t want to be one, and being a Northwest came with being filled to the brim with cash, the very same thing that Stan would jump off a cliff just to save. After a few more pets and strokes to the back of his now more calmed new Girlfriend, Dipper decided to break the news about rent issues.

“Look Pacifica. I really, really, Really love you. You’re a very important person to me, the last summer we spent together mattered a lot to me. When I got see the real you, the nice and independent you… I was just amazed to see you look so awesome… Not that you weren’t awesome before or anything! You were great! Like, totally not the worst…” Dipper said as he began to squirm just by sitting next to his new love interest, also, Phase Two appeared to be not going so well.
“If the Mystery Shack was my place, I would totally let you stay here for free! But because it’s not. And because my Grunkle Stan owns this place… Um…” Dipper began to trail off and viciously rub the back of his neck.

“Rent?” Pacifica asked lightly.

“Rent.” Dipper answered lightly.

“Well… That’s truly not the worst thing that could happen. I did manage to save a few bucks here and there from what my parents gave me. How much would it cost?” Pacifica asked a little worried being that how over priced the knick-knacks were in the shop.

“Here’s the thing.” Dipper stated as he stood up and began to unfold his master plan to help out his lover in need.

“He doesn’t know anything about this Yet. In fact, right now he’s gambling most of our money away in a casino!” Dipper stated proudly as Pacifica gave him a puzzling look about his Grunkle wasting their money on such a dangerous hobby.

“’Tis the season’, as Stan would say. Anyway! As of now, I am in charge of the Mystery Shack as the head cashier!” Dipper said as he held his head up high in pride over having such a meaningless title.

“And as the head cashier, I allow you, Pacifica Northwest, to stay here rent free!” Dipper exclaimed his proclamation as he held out his arms to his side as Pacifica, taking the invitation to stay in her new found sanctuary, jumped up and latched on to Dipper as tightly as she could ever hold anyone.

“Thank you Dipper! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Pacifica yelled in happiness as she squeezed Dipper tighter and tighter with every single ‘Thank you’.

“Tight! Tight! Tight!” Dipper croaked out from the crushing squeezes, yet that did not slow Pacifica’s loving assault one bit. What did stop the two from hugging each other was the sound of the door to the Mystery Shack opening and a very vibrant ‘hello’ sounding for both of them to hear.

“Dipper! I’m back! You’re never going to believe this! Waddles fell into the glitter machine! Now he’s a golden-!” Mabel announced as she bounced into the den while holding a giant box labeled ‘Glitter’, intruding on Pacifica’s back breaking hug. Pacifica and Dipper, still in their bear hug, worriedly looked over to Mabel as Mabel looked back at them with a severely shocked face.

“Um. This is kinda exactly what it looks like.” Dipper said with an awkward smile as Pacifica managed to maintain her grip around Dipper even though they were caught by Dipper’s twin sister. Mabel then proceeded to drop her box which contained multiple colors of glitter down to the ground.

“AAHH!” Mabel shrieked at the top of her lungs as she clutched both sides of her head in shock.

“Great, your deranged twin sister is going to kill me for hugging you. This is so how I wanted to die.” Pacifica said as she regained her snooty rich girl persona in an instant due to the high pitch wails of the Pines sibling. Mabel then outstretched her arms, still screaming, and pounced on both Dipper and Pacifica in an extremely bone crushing embrace.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Mabel chanted as she jumped up and down while holding her brother and his new girlfriend tightly.

“Tight! Tight! Tight!” Dipper and Pacifica chanted as they were painfully squeezed in Mabel’s embrace.

“I’ve been waiting for this day to happen for so long! You don’t even know how many times Dipper kept talking about how he missed you and about how hot you are! Waddles! Take the picture, quick! Capture this moment!” Mabel said as she quickly shifted in-between both Pacifica and Dipper and made them face in the direction of a very golden pig who was standing above a small camera. And with a small oink, Waddles plopped his head down onto the camera and took a nice soon-to-be-family picture.

“This is going straight into the scrapbook!” Mabel said as she bounced back toward her pig pet and picked up the camera to see how their picture came out.

“So… You’re not mad about this?” Dipper asked, still stunned and slightly out of breath from the choke holds Mabel and Pacifica had him in.

“Nu-uh! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a Long time! I love the idea of having a sister that’s rich and totally controlling!” Mabel said as she pointed her camera at the two new love birds and took another picture of them.

“Firstly, wait four more years before you can call me sister, secondly, please stop taking pictures of me.” Pacifica said, slightly embarrassing Dipper, and placed a palm on Mabel’s camera and lowered it away before Mabel could take anymore pictures.

“Still have that Snooty attitude do we? We’ll fix that soon enough. Or Dipper will since you two are love doves now!” Mabel said as she took a picture of Pacifica who had her back turned to her so she could have a different angle of her sister-in-law.

“Actually Mabel, can we talk for a second? Pacifica, just sit here for a few seconds. This’ll only take a second.” Dipper said as he lead Mabel out towards the front of the Mystery Shack.

“Look, Mabel, this is about Pacifica.” Dipper started to talk about Pacifica’s problem with Mabel in front of the cash register.

“One question first. Tongue or just pecking?” Mabel asked to interrupt Dipper.

“What?! No! Just… No! That question doesn’t even deserve an answer!” Dipper exclaimed loudly and embarrassedly as he crossed his arms across his chest and turned his face away from his twin so she wouldn’t see his blush.

“Ah! That totally means tongue! You sneaky, cold hearted, womanizer you!” Mabel said as she poked Dipper multiple times in the rib cage.

“Look Mabel! Pacifica needs a place to stay for a month or two. She’s hiding from her parents and I need to be her knight in shining arm-mmhm?” Dipper started to explain until Mabel placed a finger across of Dipper’s lips.

“Don’t worry Bro-bro, your big sister has this situation all under control! We finally have an excuse to make bunkbeds now! This is going to be so awesome! Pacifica! What color do you want your bed sheets to be?” Mabel asked as she stormed back into the den to barrage Pacifica with questions about her sleeping arrangements. Before Dipper could pursue his sister to try and stop her from scaring Pacifica away, the phone by the cash register rang again for the second time today which caused Dipper to pick it up immediately.

“Hello, Mystery Shack. I’m contractually obligated to inform you that for every second this call lasts, it’ll be eight dollars subtracted from you private bank account.” Dipper stated in the lamest monotone voice he could muster.

“Red! Bet Red! Not Black! Red!” A very irate Grunkle Stan yelled on the other end of the phone, screaming his lungs out at Soos who was betting for him at the casino.

“How much did you lose this time than?” Dipper asked as he leaned against the counter with his elbow.

“The Car! I bet everything I had and the entire Car! All on that Stupid Black Circle! Gah!” Stan yelled over the opposite end of the phone, causing Dipper to tilt the phone away from his ear.

“So… You’re not gonna be back anytime soon?” Dipper asked, seeing an opportunity to sort out Pacifica’s parent problems.

“This doesn’t give you or your older brother an excuse to throw a party at my Mystery Shack… Unless their is an entrance and staying fee, than by all means go ahead. Also, don’t have anyone sleep over unless they pay rent. I’m counting on you Dipper. Just promise me one thing kid.” Stan said, becoming fully serious at the end of the sentence causing Dipper to lean into the phone to hear Stan’s important message.

“Don’t. Touch. My Cash Register.” Stan said, on the verge of whimpering.

“Of course…” Dipper said as he realized who he was talking to.

“We’ll probably be back in a few weeks, depending on how much they’re going to sell my car for. Mabel’s in charge, got it?” Stan said, giving out his last orders to Dipper.

“Huh? Um, Sorry. I-I couldn’t hear the last part, you broke up badly, must’ve went through a tunnel!” Dipper stuttered and stammered over thinking that Mabel would be in charge of the Shack while Stan was away.

“Don’t worry Grunkle Stan, I heard you loud and clear!” Mabel said from another phone in the Mystery Shack.

“Great! Don’t touch anything that has a price tag and the Mystery Shack better not be burned down when I get back.” Stan said as he put down his phone once again to end the call. Dipper sighed in annoyance over how Mabel was now in charge and what she would or could do with that power.

“Dipper! Your girlfriend has something to say to you!” Mabel yelled out in a sing song tone, causing Dipper to sigh once again and drag his feet into the den. Dipper walked back into the den to see both Mabel and Pacifica, side by side, Mabel bouncing happily on her feet to the left of Pacifica who held Dipper’s hat in her hand.

“Okay… Due to the lack of… “Bunk Beds”… I am forced to say-.” Pacifica started to reiterate what Mabel had ordered her to tell Dipper.

“Happily Forced.” Mabel interrupted Pacifica by correcting her speech. Pacifica turned her head to Mabel with a quizzical look which caused Mabel to roll her eyes that Pacifica forgot her lines.

“Happily Forced! Due to the lack of Bunk Beds, I am Happily Forced to say that we-.” Mabel began to reiterate the script she gave to Pacifica to say to Dipper.

“Look, it’s either I sleep in crazies bed or I sleep in your bed.” A very annoyed Pacifica said before Mabel could finish her weird and cringeworthy sentence. Dipper was absolutely stunned from how bold the idea was. Today they were just sucking face, but by tonight they’d be sleeping with each other?
“Yeah, that was so much more romantic than what I told you to say.” Mabel said in a sarcastic tone.

“Look, I know your his twin, but could you, like, stay out of this?” Pacifica said as she turned her body towards Mabel, placing both hands and hat on her hips in an angry posture.

“Or what? Your gonna sue me for actually caring if your blossoming romance goes down the drain?” Mabel said angrily as she bumped her forehead against Pacifica’s as they began an icy cold staring contest. Dipper cleared his throat quickly before Mabel and Pacifica’s anger could get worse.

“I think I can handle being in the same bed with you Pacifica.” Dipper said with a smile as he took back his hat from Pacifica’s grasp.

“If! And only if Mabel doesn’t take any more pictures of us.” Dipper said as he laid out his demands which made Mabel frown while Pacifica held her head up high, seeing she was getting the better end of the deal than her new sibling was.

“What do you mean no pictures?! Come on Dipper! How else am I going to not only show Wendy and Grenda your perfect romance, but also make Candy more jealous of Pacifica than she already is?” Mabel began to complain as she listed the major points of taking pictures of her sleeping brother and his girlfriend.

“Well it’s either that or I… Sleep on the couch while Pacifica is here.” Dipper said as he placed his hat back on his head and crossed his arms defiantly, making Mabel gasp loudly at not only his statement of not sleeping with his one true love, but also from the thought of not sharing a room with his twin like he always did. An hour and a half later, after setting up the Pines twins room for their new guest and taking turns showering, Pacifica finally came back into the bedroom after grooming herself for bed while she wore a Llama sweater, the Llama facing left mind you, and white sweatpants that had pink hearts on them.

“How do you even live in this thing Mabel?” Pacifica said as she fidgeted around with the collar of her itchy sweater.

“Do you wanna know why I picked that one?” Mabel asked cheerily while she rested on her stomach on her bed. Mabel than stood up on her bed and showed off a matching sweater and similar sweatpants, only that the Llama on Mabel’s sweater was facing right.

“Great. Now I look like a hotter version of you.” Pacifica said as she walked towards Dipper’s bed, who was busy reading a ‘Mystery Monthly’ magazine while laying on his bed.

“At least I’m a cuter version of you. And cuties always get the hot guys in the end!” Mabel proclaimed as she began to snuggle with all of her stuffed animals in her bed.

“I don’t know, your brother seems pretty hot to me.” Pacifica said slyly as she traced a finger across Dipper’s arm as Mabel ‘Oooh’ed like any weird twin sister would.

“Alright, that’s it. Nighttime!” Dipper said as he ended a very awkward conversation from happening. Dipper leaned over across Pacifica and turned his light off on his bed table. All of the light was shut off by Dipper’s side, however, Mabel’s side of the room was fully illuminated by several glow in the dark stickers and multiple night lights. Pacifica looked over to Mabel’s side and gave a soft smile at how simplistic and childish Mabel still was. Just how free and weird Mabel was made Pacifica wish she had an ounce of freedom Mabel Pines had. Being a Pines was certainly looking bette than being a Northwest. Dipper tried to move and crawl over into a space on his bed that would give Pacifica enough room for her to sleep, but did not find that certain space and decided to just give up and snuggle with Pacifica from behind. Dipper breathed in slowly a mixture of rich girl spice that Pacifica always had on, and a faint hint of the shampoos that Mabel used… Upon smelling his sisters shampoo, Dipper cringed heavily and decided to stop smelling so heavily and turn to another sense. Dipper looked over Pacifica softly, washing his gaze over her calm face as Pacifica was softly being carried to sleep while still being embrace by Dipper. Smiling at this, Dipper settled back down and rested behind her, only to see that Mabel was staring at the two in her own position with a cheeky grin. On seeing, Dipper cringed once more and decided to use his newly found ‘Boyfriend Strength’ to pick up Pacifica and turn her over onto the other side of the bed so Mabel would not be watching Pacifica sleep throughout the night, which resulted in a small, disappointed ‘Aw’. Dipper slowly eased up and let his guard down as he quietly listened to Pacifica’s breathing, soon making him fall asleep to the slow rhythm of Pacifica’s breath.

“I love you Pacifica…” Dipper said tiredly, succumbing to sleep.

“Love you too my Big Dipper.” Pacifica said as she recline into Dipper, falling asleep in his arms.

“Love you both!” Added a very awake Mabel.

E.V.I’V. Ehvw Vlvwhuv IRUHYHU
Dear Twin Sister
Chapter Two for the Marvelous Misadventures of A Pine Tree And A Llama. Feel free to comment and critique please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series

Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
Another day, Another way to string out money through a tourist attraction, as Grunkle Stan would say. Six years flew by fast for a now older Dipper Pines, and he’s pretty much back where everything started. This time, he was trusted to be near the very same money his Grunkle cared for so much. It was hard for Dipper to remember what happened when the twins went back home though. Dipper did remember that he received his first car that he had to begrudgingly share with his Twin sister, and said Twin sister kept chasing after boys and falling in and out of love with her boy bands. But besides remembering Mabel asking their parents to go back to Grunkle Stans for the summer, those were the last things Dipper remembered when he stayed back in his home town. The last thing he remembered vividly was him driving his pumpkin colored Chrysler Plymouth Reliant with his sister sticking her head out of her window, screaming how they were back in Gravity Falls as they drove past town and into the Mystery Shack. Not literally into the Shack like the last time Dipper was allowed to drive a vehicle, but it was still a close call nonetheless. Braking still isn’t Dipper’s strong suit. But as of now, Dipper was stuck inside the Shack, taking up the duty to look after the cash register and try to range in any person into the tourist trap so that the Mystery Shack could gain a few more bucks. Dipper’s eyes began to droop as he added another fist to prop himself up by the chin, slouching on the counter so that he wouldn’t fully fall asleep on the job. It’s only been a day and a half since Mabel and Dipper returned back to Gravity Falls, and the welcome home party that Stan threw was a little extreme, being that mostly every party favor and small event had a price tag to it, such as the karaoke which was ten dollars per word. Dipper continued to cast his eyes on the gift shops interior to keep himself awake, stopping his gaze on the “Mirror of Mystery” that read ‘5 Dollars Per Gaze’, Dipper will remember to put in the amount totaled into the cash register when he was down. Dipper looked on his growing body, noticing he obviously grew a couple of more inches and a foot at least, his hair stayed the same as in length and color, perfectly curling around his head in soft locks of brown. His legs grew longer as well did his arms, but thankfully that was the only thing puberty changed so gar. His voice remained similar to what it was when he was younger, just a little less squeaky. Lastly to Dipper’s growing changes, Dipper managed to find similar styles of clothing like he used to wear. The shirt was a little more red, the vest was a little more blued, yet his hat was still placed on his head. Although it looked a little less awesome now with a stitch on the brim and a few pieces of cloth torn here and there, the hat was still awesome in Dipper’s eyes. While gazing into the Mysterious Mirror, Wendy came walking in as she put a few essentials into a backpack.

“Didn’t know you were so vain about your appearance now, Dude.” Wendy said as she caught Dipper off guard while he was looking at himself intently.

“Oh! Sorry, Uh, Didn’t see you there, heh.” Dipper said with a nervous laugh as he tore his gaze from the dusty, and very over priced mirror to his former crush Wendy Corduroy. The more the Twins grew and changed, the more everyone else seemed to stay the same. Wendy didn’t really age or grow any taller than a few inches, in fact, neither Soos or Stan changed at all either. Grunkle Stan was still Grunkly and Soos was still… Big.

“It’s alright bro. Just don’t do that around your old man, the tag says it all.” Wendy said as she walked past the mirror, tugging on the tag, and continually walk toward the front door.

“Where are you going?” Dipper asked.

“To town, did all the stuff I needed to do for today. I’m going to stop by your sisters new job at the art boutique, see how she’s doing. Oh! By the way, you’re expecting someone today, by… Two hours.” Wendy said as she glanced over to the many overly priced clocks on the shelves that read twelve O’clock.
“Really? Who would that be?” Dipper asked again.

“Your girlfriend.” Wendy said slyly as she leaned her back against the front door.

“Girl-Friend?! You mean like a Female ally or a legit Girlfriend?” Dipper said as he began to stammer as he looked around the shop nervously.

“Legit. She always comes around here about Two P.M, always asking for you to. Where you are, when you’re coming back, if we could give her your address.” Wendy said, giving a giggle to her last statement.

“Geez, that sounds serious. I kinda feel bad that I couldn’t be here when she wanted me here… What’s her name?” Dipper said as he sounded a little down after realizing someone from Gravity Falls really wanted to meet up badly. But still, Girlfriend? That seems a little fast, Dipper thought in his mind as Wendy began to think of the girl’s name. Most of my interactions socially, mostly girls, haven’t changed a bit. Does this girl even know me that much? Wendy sighed, making Dipper break his thought process and look back up to the red haired girl.

“Darn, you know what, I actually forgot about her name. Sorry man. I think she looks cute-ish, but other than that, me or Soos never asked for her name. I think Soos knows her, and she obviously knows you and Mabel. Other than that, I’m drawing a blank.” Wendy said, rubbing her neck.

“But don’t worry about any of that, I’m sure it’s going to work out fine between you two anyway. Good luck, I’ll be rooting for you!” Wendy said as she turned around and reached for the door to leave the Shack. Just then, the phone by the cash register began to ring which caused Dipper to place his hand on the phone.

“Thanks Wendy, have a good time in town. Tell Mabel I said hi!” Dipper said as Wendy left the Mystery Shack, saying their last goodbyes. Dipper picked up the phone to hear the small cheers and shouts of his Grunkle.

“Keep betting black Soos and we’ll be in the money before you know it! Woohoo!” Stan yelled on the other line of the phone.

“Joe’s Craps Shack again?” Dipper as in a small annoyed and monotone voice as his Grunkle was betting everything he had yet again at the nearest Casino.

“You know the drill kid, look after the shop, stay away from the register unless it is to put money in it, bed by eight, no sleepovers- No! Bet black not red! Gah! I’ll call you back if I need a ride!” Grunkle Stan said as he slammed his phone down to the ground as the line died as Dipper was once again alone to his own thoughts, for a while. Dipper began to seriously ponder about the situation which was about to unfold. A Girlfriend? Seriously? Already? The Pine Twins had just got back to Gravity Falls no more then Nineteen Hours ago and already Dipper had a love interest. His first thought was that it had to be Candy, maybe she actually liked him more than he thought? Dipper began to seriously think everything over, bringing his right fist up to his mouth and begin to think about different candidates. Maybe it was Grenda? Dipper began to silently beg it wasn’t Grenda. If Dipper was given the choice between the two, he’d have to go with option C, being that he would want to spend more time with them and see if one of them matches his intellectual personality. A hour or two flew by quickly as Dipper continued to think about who this mystery girlfriend could be, as he continually switched positions with his hands to hold his head up, eyes glued to the ceiling as he continually asked the same question over and over again in his mind. Dipper was so transfixed with his thinking, that he didn’t even hear the door to the Mystery Shack open and close, didn’t hear a small gasp, or didn’t see a very small grin appear on the person who had just came into the Shack.

“This place just gets more many and disgusting as I keep coming here doesn’t it?” Dipper looked down quickly to the interruption of a very feminine and controlling voice as he saw Pacifica Northwest standing near the front door, looking and inspecting the entire Shack as she stepped smoothly from display to display. She looks different, Dipper thought in his mind as he looked over Pacifica Northwest who slightly resembled how Mabel aged. Pacifica grew into a slender, small, hourglass figure. She sported a purple T-shirt with black yoga pants, wearing tall brown cowgirl boots so that she could fit the Oregon look. Her Hair was also as long as ever, but not really a bell shape like it used to, but more of a straight waterfall of golden locks flowing down her back and a few rivers and streams on her forehead. Dipper struggled to keep his deadpan stare on as Pacifica went back and forth from item to item, using her finger to wipe off dust from the shelves with a severe look of disgust on her face.

“We only keep it clean for the Most Valued Patrons of the Mystery Shack.” Dipper stated, mocking Pacifica’s rich and snotty tone.

“And you really don’t think I’m a Most Valued Individual?” Pacifica asked, raising an eyebrow to Dipper as she walked over to the counter. Their was a short pause due to Dipper’s sarcastic and dry role was breaking fast.
“The jury is still out on that.” Dipper said, the hint of a smile twitching on his lips for his rich friend.

“The Jury has been out for Six Years? That is a dreadfully long recess.” Pacifica said as she was now right besides Dipper, placing both of her hands on the counter to come face to face with the cocky cashiers attitude. They had a small staring contest with each other as they stared deeply into each others brown eyes, Dipper looking over Pacifica’s well kept face. Pacifica’s eye shadow was a lesser shade of purple and her hoop earrings were definitely smaller, but she still looked amazing as always, in Dipper’s eyes of course. Dipper lost their snobby contest as he began to crack a smile from his recent dead stare, as Pacifica gave up her charade as well and burst out into a similar smile.

“How’ve you been?” Dipper asked as he began to lean his arm over the counter and talk to the ‘Real’ Pacifica.

“I would have been a lot better if you would have given me a call that you arrived back into Gravity Falls.” Pacifica shot out as she left the counter and went into the den, Dipper following closely until he wised up and went over to the ‘Come In, We’re Open!’ sign and turned it over to show a ‘Come In! Twenty Dollars Per Step!’ Sign. Dipper jogged back into the den and over to Pacifica who was sitting next to the right arm of the couch inside the den, propping her head up as she fiddled with the televisions remote to change to a channel she liked.

“Why didn’t you come to our party? Mostly all of the ‘Commoners’ were there. It would have been a blast to have a Northwest at the place.” Dipper said as he took his place by the left side of the couch.

“Grounded. My parents got mad hen I asked if I could come here actually… I kinda don’t want to talk about that.” Pacifica said sadly as she placed the remote down. Dipper grew just as sad as Pacifica as he heard things haven’t been doing well with her parental issues since he and Mabel left. Maybe if we stayed, I could’ve done something, Dipper questioned in his mind as he looked down to the floor.

“Gee, I’m sorry about that Pacifica. I’m sure things will get better soon! Just, you know, keep trying. You can change this, I know you can!” Dipper said with a smile as he sat next to Pacifica on the couch, their hands only a couple of inches apart.

“I don’t know Dipper. It seems like it just gets hopeless sometimes. My father is so headstrong and my mother will do everything he says. Sometimes I wish I was never a Northwest.” Pacifica said, growing increasingly sad with each mention of her parents.

“Come on Pacifica! You’re independent, strong, smart, funny, beautiful, and awesome! You don’t need to be weighed down by your parents like this! I know you’re going to be a great person, but to be truly honest, you’re already a great person in my book.” Dipper said as he put his arm around Pacifica’s shoulders to comfort her. Seeing her like this made Dipper upset, he really considered Pacifica as a very close friend, and he knew if he stood by her, they could tackle her parental situation and restore the Northwest name in a way Pacifica, and even her parents, would be proud of. Pacifica then grew a very sly smile as soon as Dipper put his arm around her, and turned her head towards him. Her eyes stabbing into him with a very loving stare.
“What was that fifth thing you said?” Pacifica asked as she turned her body towards Dipper to face him.

“Umm… Awesome?” Dipper asked as his arm drooped down to his side. Dipper then began to grow a very awkward smile and chuckle nervously as Pacifica slowly inched herself across the couch and towards Dipper while Dipper inched backwards across the couch.

“Uh, you know. You’re awesome and cool and S-s-stuff. Like really nice and… Um, cool.” Dipper said as he continually threw out awkward and weird compliment after compliment, one about her jaw line, the next about her teeth. Dipper soon let out a small yelp as his head bumped straight into the other arm of the couch. Pacifica then took a position directly above him, both hands on the left arm of the couch as she was right above him, face to face. Dipper began to hyper ventilate. Being this close to a friend was one thing, but when you were pounced as casually as Pacifica just did, that was a whole new step in a totally different direction than just being good friends. Dipper began to slightly squirm on the couch, moving his head to the right and quickly glanced over the Tv. Dipper looked at the channel and saw it was on ‘Carry Clockerson’s Hourly Time Update’ and right now it was Two O’Five for Gravity Falls… Two O’Five?!

“What time did you get here?” Dipper asked quickly, looking back ip towards Pacifica with his mouth wide open in shock over her loving stare.

“Two O’clock… On… The… Dot.” Pacifica said slowly as with each pause, she slowly inched her face towards Dipper’s where both of them were touching noses. Dipper’s face grew a soft shade of red, as Pacifica’s cheeks grew a small similar shade.

“Well?” Pacifica said as she stared intently into Dipper’s eyes.

“Should you make your move?” Pacifica asked with a small nudge with her nose which caused Dipper’s eyes to widen to both the small contact and Pacifica’s question. Dipper’s mind went into an overdrive, saying that he had to make a decision right now, or risk facing the wrath of one of the most powerful and richest person in Gravity Falls. Option A was to call all this off, a type of conversation that would go somewhat like ‘We’re going to fast, we need time, let’s just be friends’. That would probably end bad but will probably work out in the long run… Possibly. Option B, Kiss her and prepare for one heck of a wild time… Option B sounded a lot sweeter than Option A. Dipper than decided to tilt his head slightly left, closed his eyes, and then quickly pecked Pacifica on the lips, for approximately, and than retreated back to the safety of being pressed into the couch. Pacifica’s eyes slowly opened and continually gave Dipper a very caring and loving stare, passion exploding from her pupils.

“That was your move huh?” Pacifica said as she slumped downwards, fully on top of Dipper now. At this sudden action, Dipper’s breath got caught in his throat and decided to appease the beautiful goddess that laid on top of him and go in again, this time for twenty seconds. It was virtually the same kiss, same eye closing, same impact, just a tad longer. Dipper once again opened his eyes, this time a little more confident, and saw that Pacifica had the same reaction as the first kiss they shared. She sighed, still lying top of him. It wasn’t a sigh of disappointment or a sigh of satisfaction, more of a sigh of relief that Dipper reciprocated the same feelings as she did for him, but at the same time, it was a sigh of wanting things to be going a little speedier and passionate as of now.

“Here, This is how you kiss.” Pacifica said confidently as she took off Dipper’s hat and threw it on the opposite side of the couch, then placing bother of her hands on each side of Dipper’s very shocked face. Pacifica then dived straight into him, face first, crashing into each other, lips on lips. Dipper squirmed around and slowly, without even trying, draped both of his arms and locked his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to make the kiss feel just a little more special then it already was. Pacifica slowly moved her hands up the side of Dipper’s head, massaging his scalp ever so slightly in order to give him the most amount of pleasure during the kiss. Pacifica decided to release their first of many kissing matches and softly wheezed and gasped for air while Dipper continued to hold onto Pacifica. Pacifica, now feeling giddy over something she wanted to do ever since Dipper first left, began to quickly and softly kiss Dipper’s entire face, starting from chin, then his right cheek, across the nose, to his left cheek and finally working her way up his forehead. This is where Dipper began to stir and squirm nervously. Not that many people have seen his birthmark, and knowing the reaction of people who had seen it, they usually start to make fun of him for it. Pacifica however took this sign of discomfort as Dipper being just a little embarrassed over being shown a tremendous amount of pure love in such a fast moment. Nonetheless, Pacifica continued her soft kisses all the way up into Dipper’s locks until she finally saw it. She raised herself to sit on Dipper’s stomach and moved back his hair to see the birthmark in all it’s glory. Dipper’s worst nightmare soon appeared as Pacifica grew a giant grin towards the mark, but her reaction to it made Dipper totally startled.

“The Big Dipper was always my favorite constellation.” Pacifica said sully as she bended back down to Dipper’s face and began to continue her kissing escapade across Dipper’s left cheek and towards his ear.

“Y-you like astronomy?” Dipper asked surprised as he sat up abruptly which caused Pacifica to sit back up on him with a giggle over how fast Dipper got up.

“Maybe if we get along after this, I’ll take you to my personal stargazing spot for our first date.” Pacifica said as she pecked Dipper on the lips.

“Now, do me a favor Dipper.” Pacifica said as she lightly pushed Dipper back down to the couch.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes.” Pacifica said, slightly bopping Dipper’s nose with her index finger. On her orders, Dipper quickly complied and shut his eyes quickly and opened his mouth wide, tongue wagging slightly, waiting anxiously for whatever Pacifica had in mind. Pacifica opened her mouth slightly to match Dipper’s and locked lips with him once again for another kissing bout, this time with her tongue giving a little more added spice for the kiss. Pacifica’s tongue dived straight into Dipper’s mouth as she tasted the faint hint of some type of fruity energy drink that he drank a few hours ago. Every molar was explored from tooth to tooth, the top of Dipper’s mouth was lapped at, and finally, Pacifica swirled her tongue around his, softly begging Dipper to combat the mouth intruder she unleashed on him as she moaned slightly over their kiss fest. However, Pacifica’s moans were muffled under the sounds of her companions grunts and moans from beneath her. When their mouths finally separated to quickly gulp down pockets of air, Dipper moaned the loudest he has ever moaned in his life over how much of a great time he was having. In Dipper’s mind, this was a sign of approval, maybe if he vocalizes his pleasure loud enough, Pacifica would feel better about kissing him, and hopefully continue… Maybe. Again, Dipper was new at this. So new in fact while during round two of their tongue war in the middle of his mouth, Dipper began to suck softly against Pacifica’s tongue, totally catching her off guard. Pacifica’s eyes shot wide open and stared into Dipper’s eye lids as he concentrated heavily on suckling her tongue. Pacifica grew a soft smile and gave another passionate rub on the head for Dipper as the two new lovers contained their mouth escapades until they once again physically ran short of breath. Pacifica straightened up on the couch and sat right by Dipper’s feat as Dipper followed up, both gasping for air and staring into the space of the Mystery Shack den. Dipper rubbed the back of his head with a chuckle as his other hand clasped onto Pacifica’s hand.

“So… I guess that made us official… Right?” Dipper asked with a bright smile as Pacifica turned her head with a bright smile of her own and embraced Dipper while still holding onto his free hand.

“I would believe so, Sir Dippingsauce.” Pacifica said as she nuzzled her nose into the crook of Dipper’s neck.

“Alright, first things first. Can we come up with a better pet name than that Pacifica?” Dipper asked as Pacifica giggled into his neck, slightly tickling him just a tiny bit.

“How about Big Dipper?” Pacifica asked while meeting Dipper face to face again, eyes widening on the word ‘Big’.

“Uh-hehe, M-maybe not that.” Dipper said with a blush, looking away shyly.

“Hm… Maybe Little Dipper?” Pacifica asked as she tapped her finger to her chin.

“No.” Dipper said as all joy left his face, however his blush increased heavily.

“Well don’t worry my love, I’ll think of something very masculine for you in our future.” Pacifica promised causing Dipper to chuckle nervously and stroke the side of Pacifica’s arm for a few minutes and glanced back at the TV to see Carry Clockerson still on, this time showing the time As Three Thirty in the afternoon.

“Whoa! We’ve been here for a while!” Dipper exclaimed which caused Pacifica to tilt her head over to view the TV.

“Time does fly when you are with a loved one Dipper.” Pacifica said calmly as she rested her head on Dipper’s shoulder.

“Well, either way, I should probably get you home. Everyone’s gonna be back here in the next thirty minutes, and trying to explain this to Mabel’s going to be embarrassing for me.” Dipper said as he looked over to Pacifica who began to look a little down again. Dipper thought to himself that he just blew it royally, if only I kept my mouth shut.

“Well, I didn’t mean it like that I’m embarrassed about what just happened! As a matter of fact, I’m glad we made out just then! I feel wonderful now that I have you as a girlfriend!” Dipper said as he placed his arm around Pacifica’s shoulders once more, shaking her gently.

“It’s not that Dipper. it’s just that I…” Pacifica started as she took a deep breath and braced herself for what she was about to say.

“I ran away.”
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The Llama And The Pine Tree
This is but of one Chapter in a long line of other works that I have written. Please tell me what you think of it so far. I appreciate all forms of criticism and comments
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
Apr 26, 2015
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