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It was an average afternoon at the Mystery Shack on a cool summer Saturday. Wendy had the day off; Stan was tackling casinos all across Oregon to regain the car while Soos tagged along with the old man. The Shack was almost empty, except for the two people that resided in the Pines Twins, and Northwest’s, room. Dipper Pines was reading another issue of ‘Mystery Monthly’ while laying down on his bed, wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt that he just started to wear from his ‘trial date’ with Pacifica. Dipper also wore a white t-shirt underneath the flannel shirt, a clean pair of jeans, and he also wore his signature cap on his head. On the opposite side of the bed was his faithful, awesome, cool, rich, and hot girlfriend Pacifica Northwest. Pacifica was sketching an image of a dress she had on her mind. Pacifica wore a very white and summertime like dress, also a pair of black boots. Pacifica’s began to sketch a lot of different dresses and styles when she decided to leave her mansion to stay at the Mystery Shack with her one true love, and his insane Twin Sister. Not only was her cage unlocked emotionally and physically, but the cage around her imagination was also unhinged as soon as she entered the world of Dipper Pines. The piece she was currently working on, as she sat on her boyfriend's bed, was something that she called ‘Romantic Inspiration.' It was a white dress that would have a pattern of blue printed trees. She would have to work out the type of patterns the trees would need to be in. As she thought of the pattern, she noticed that her blue crayon was going numb. Pacifica sighed over the poorly made utensil and looked over to Dipper.

“Where does Mabel keep the extra crayons?” Pacifica asked as she placed her sketch pad onto the bed.

“Bottom drawer, in the dresser.” Dipper said, without looking up from his magazine. Pacifica left the bed and walked over to the dresser. While doing so, she quickly glanced out of the window and then paused with a small gasp. Pacifica saw a very sad Mabel on a swing that was connected to a very sturdy branch. Mabel slowly swung back and forth with a very sad grimace on her face. Pacifica looked above Mabel and up into the tree, which had a sign attached to it, saying ‘Swing Of Depression!’. Below the sign read ‘Five Dollars Per Swing.’.

“I guess her date didn’t go so well, did it?” Pacifica asked as she contained to star at her lover's twin sister.

“Thankfully.” Dipper answered just as a good twin brother should. Pacifica sighed and turned to face him over such a heartless comment.

“Dipper! This is beginning to become a serious problem! We can’t have your sister mope around and be so emotionally drained like this! It’ll put me out of the mood.” Pacifica said with genuine concern for both her ‘Friend-in-law’ and her love life with Dipper.

“Boys come and boys go with Mabel. She’ll get over this… In ten weeks… Possibly.” Dipper said as he turned the pages of his magazine.

“Dipper, we need to help your sister, now. Or at least get her to…” Pacifica started, sighing over what she was about to say.

“Get back to the way she was before.” Pacifica painfully told Dipper her idea.

“Look, Mabel falls in and out of love all the time Pacifica! She constantly fantasizes over boys on a Twenty-Four-hour basis.” Dipper continued coldly. Dipper knew the facts with Mabel. She has hitchhiked, jogged, walked and drove down the road of breakups before, most of the drives lasting less than five hours. Mabel, however, did not gain a thicker skin when dealing with these break ups, and she would always need a shoulder to cry on. Dipper began also to create an outlook on all boys who talked with Mabel as just pure evil Demon spawns. The more he tried to intervene before the Mabel would immediately push Dipper away, telling him to ‘Stay out of our business’.

“Ever since her first crush she ever had, it just snowballed and spiraled out of control. I remember when I had my first crush on Wendy. All I ever did was try to impress her and make her feel like I was cooler than any other twelve-year-old.” Dipper said, admitting his first time in love with Wendy Corduroy.

“… You had a crush on that red haired girl?” Pacifica asked with a very sly smile, which caused Dipper to quickly slap himself in the face with his ‘Mystery Monthly’ magazine to hide his blush.

“I was twelve at the time! She looked real cool and stuff! I’m sure your first crush was real awesome and on your age level.” Dipper stated as he pouted in embarrassed anger.

“Yeah… And he still is.” Pacifica said lovingly, dropping her smug attitude as Dipper looked up to Pacifica as she looked down at him with her loving smile. Dipper smiled with Pacifica and stood up and walked over to her.

“He’s the smartest, nicest and hottest guy in the whole wide world. And I’m so glad he’s with me now.” Pacifica said as Dipper went face to face with her, then pulled her into a tight hug. They stayed like that for just a few seconds, until Pacifica forced him to release the hold.

“But as much as I enjoy our time with each other, your sister needs you Dipper.” Pacifica said as she pointed towards the window. Dipper gave a sigh and looked out of the window to see his Twin swinging by herself.

“What do you think we should do? Should we set her up with someone?” Dipper asked as he struggled to come up with an idea to help pull his sister out of the slump she was in.

“That is exactly what I was thinking.” Pacifica answered happily as she began to saunter out of the room until Dipper grabbed her by the arm and whispered something into her ear which caused Pacifica to look at him in shock.

“It’s the only way we can get her off that swing, trust me.” Dipper said as they went downstairs and through the back door of the Mystery Shack and headed towards Mabel, who was still sitting on her swing. Dipper went down on his knee and got face to face with Mabel as Pacifica decided to take her position directly behind her.

“Hey, Sis-sis! How’s it going?” Dipper said in his best cheery voice he could muster to bring up Mabel’s mood.

“I feel like I wanna die.” Mabel stated sadly as she could sound.

“Oh… That’s not… Good. Anyway, me and Pacifica have a great idea for you to get a new boyfriend! A guy who won’t dump you in the next two hours this time!” Dipper said, trying an even cheerier sounding voice this time.

“I’d rather burn in my sadness.” Mabel said sadly, beginning to swing slowly once more. Dipper then looked at Pacifica and nodded, giving her the signal to take a rag, which was drenched in Chloroform, and shoved it into Mabel’s face.

“Mhmm?! Hnnggg…” Mabel gave a surprised yelp, bet then subdued to the toxin and slumped forward as Dipper grabbed her and held Mabel over his shoulder.

“Are you sure this was the safest way?” Pacifica asked as she threw the rag into the wood.

“I know this was the quickest way. If we tried anything else, it would’ve taken us a few hours to get her butt off this swing and into the dating booth. Now come on, we have to find some guys before she wakes up.” Dipper said as he carried his unconscious sister into the Mystery Shack and soon started to set up a large staging area for Mabel to pick out her prince charming. An hour passed by as everything was set up perfectly by the two teens. The area was set, having a one way mirror placed between five boys, all numbered with small cards that they held up for Mabel to pick their numbers, and the control booth were Mabel, Pacifica and Dipper stayed in as they looked at the contestants. There was also a second room installed, named the ‘Dating Room’, due to the cheery decorations around the small room, such as penguins with top hats and other fuzzy creatures. The dating room also held a one way mirror for Dipper and Pacifica to look though to see if the date was going well, but Dipper had the final word to say what worked and what didn’t. Mabel was slowly waking up from being knocked out while Dipper held out a small plate with a foul smelling liquid under Mabel’s nose.

“Yuck! What was that!” Mabel said as she fully woke up and held her nose away from the plate.

“Some concentrated liquid from Soos’s socks. Anyway, Mabel, it’s time me and Pacifica helped you with your boy issues.” Dipper said as he threw out the tray in a small, sealable, trash bin and stood next to Pacifica to show Mabel that they were supporting her.

“It’s too late for me now… My heart has become a black hole that constantly fills itself with despair an-.” Mabel began her melodramatics once again after hearing the words ‘Boy’ and ‘Issues’ being used in the same sentence.

“Please stop complaining and listen to what your hot brother has to say.” Pacifica interrupted Mabel from getting too sad.

“… Right. Well, Mabel, we picked out a couple of guys for you to choose. Ranging from one to-.” Dipper began to say as he turned his attention to the line up of boys for Mabel to choose. He stopped, however, when he saw that one of the kids, contestant number four, stood awkwardly while wearing a large fedora, big thick sunglasses, a long trench coat, oddly shaped boots, and a giant mustache. He wouldn’t have recognized the kid at first glance until Dipper saw how tan he was, and the indent between the kids front teeth.

“Wendy, take out contestant number four.” Dipper stated with authority over the built-in speaker he had installed in the room.

“Why? Who was it?” Mabel asked as she tried to look around Dipper, who was also blocking her from seeing his arch-nemesis.

“Oh, nobody special. He just looked a little… Fishy.” Dipper said, weaving his head back and forth as Wendy escorted Mermando out of the lineup.

“Well, that makes the choices less complicated. Now Mabel, pick the guy you think you are going to have the best time with. And give it thought… For the both of us.” Pacifica said as she put her arm around Mabel and motioned her to the front of the one-way mirror to look at the four remaining boys. Mabel put a finger to her chin and pondered as she looked from contestant one to two. They both looked like an average teenager. Plain shirt, jeans, messy hair. Nothing too special there, causing Mabel to hum boringly through both of them. Mabel’s attention perked up as she saw contestant number three, who sported a bikers jacket, an American flag bandana on his head, a short, brown, handlebar mustache, bright green eyes, stitched up jeans, tall boots, and a white shirt with a bullseye on his chest. Mabel Ooo’ed at contestant number three, but what made her heart completely stop was the last contestant. Mabel gasped sharply as she saw the tall, skinny, and pale teenager. He had long, stringy blonde hair that covered up his left eye while the other brown orb was shown completely wide open, with a twinkle of fun shown in it. The lanky teen also had a long pointy nose that drooped downwards and wore a white suit shirt that was buttoned up completely. The teen also wore a very tight black bow tie on his neck, dark black pants and had matching black sneakers on his feet. His arms and legs were very stringy, almost like he had no muscles in them at all. What sold Mabel on the guy was his smile. His smile was a very wide, hearty smile. His smile stretched his face to the brink where it would look like his head would split in half from how wide it was. Regular people would call this kid a creep, but Mabel would call him sexy.

“I want that one!” Mabel said as she pointed to the tall, skinny teen. Dipper and Pacifica looked over to the last contestant to see who Mabel picked. Dipper snorted a chuckle as Pacifica elbowed him in the ribs so that he wouldn’t burst out laughing.

“Um… He looks… Odd. Are you sure you want him?” Pacifica asked kindly to Mabel.

“Uh-huh!” Mabel said as she turned around quickly while also quickly shaking her head yes.

“He looks like he’s going to be fun!” Mabel added on happily as she pressed her face to the window to face the skinny blonde.

“Well great! Candy! Grenda! Time to make over Mabel so she can be ready for her… Weirdo.” Dipper said as he struggled to keep from bursting into laughter for Mabel’s choice. Grenda and Candy quickly came into the room and escorted Mabel out towards the ‘Date Room’.

“Right this way your majesty.” Grenda said as she leaded Mabel out to have a quick makeover for her Seventy-fifth attempt for a date.

“Please give me your life Pacifica.” Candy begged over her shoulder as she lead Mabel out with Grenda to spruce her up. After the girls had left the two other teens in the room, Dipper began to laugh heavily over the situation.

“Oh man! There is no way this is even going to last! Great job on picking such a creep, Pacifica. Jeez, this is going to be funny.” Dipper laughed and commended his girlfriend on such a great job.

“Me?! I didn’t pick him! You did!” Pacifica said as she raised her voice over the confusion.

“No, I didn’t! I was supposed to pick guys one through two. You were supposed to pick guys three through four. And he’s clearly contestant…” Dipper said as he pointed to contestant number five.

“…Five?” Dipper said in shock as he saw the weird, and lanky, boy who still held up his card, still smiling widely over nothing. Dipper and Pacifica looked at each other, greatly confused over this, but decided not to pursue the matter yet and go and confront the date crasher. Dipper and Pacifica walked into the room and past the three other boys to go and confront the blonde. Dipper and Pacifica stood directly in front of the teen, but the abnormal teen did not move or stop smiling, even when they put themselves in his field of vision. Dipper looked to where the teen was starring out, only seeing the one-way mirror and then looked back at the blonde.

“Uhh… Hey.” Dipper started to say to the teenager.

“Yellow!” The blonde bellowed out loudly, which caused Dipper, Pacifica, and the other boys to jump and stare oddly at the rightfully odd teen.

“…Hi! My name is… Umm, Dipper!” Dipper said as he held out his hand to shake the blonde’s hand.

“Yellow Pine Tre-Uhh, Umm, I-I-I Mean… Uhh… Dipper!” The blonde began to shout nervously.

“Hullow Llama-A-A-Uuhh, I Mean Rich Girl! My Name Is… Hang on a minute here.” The teen said as he screwed up on his intro, now looking down into the palm of his hand to see what he had written down to say.

“William!” The blonde answered, screaming at the top of his lungs while looking back up to Dipper and Pacifica, both having an uneasy look on their faces.

“Hi… William… Can you tone it down a little?” Dipper asked with a small, awkward smile.

“How about this!” William softly yelled back.

“Just a tad lower.” Pacifica said calmly, now unfazed from the yelling.

“How about… Now?” William asked, talking in a regular indoor voice.

“Perfect! Now, Congratulations William, you are the first, and hopefully not the last, to try and win Mabel’s affection.” Pacifica stated and congratulated William on his winnings.

“Excellent… It’s all going according to pla-I-I Mean, wonderful! I can’t wait to meet Shooting Sta- I mean Mabel!” William began to shout again, now putting Dipper into a thinking frenzy. Pine Tree? Shooting Star? Llama? He’s heard Pine Tree before, but Llama? It was like he’s seen those things before on some type of wheel.

“She seems anxious to meet you, William. Just go through that door and… Try not to freak her out.” Pacifica said as she pushed William by the shoulder and lead him to the door that lead into the ‘Date Room’. William gave another wide smile and strolled straight into the room as Pacifica closed the door behind him.

“Alright, let’s hurry up and get to our booth to see if your sister is in danger… Which most likely she is.” Pacifica said as she moved back to the door that went back into the control room. Pacifica looked back quickly to see Dipper still in his pondering position, mostly thinking about how William sounded and what he referred to Dipper as.

“Dipper!” Pacifica shouted quickly, getting his attention.

“Let’s go before your sister gets carved up by that lunatic.” Pacifica said as she opened the door and rushed her way into the second control room that looked into the ‘Date Room’. Dipper gave chase, still thinking about what William said as he took his seat next to Pacifica to see how William’s and Mabel’s date was going. Mabel was out of her black sweater and skirt and into a red, sparkly dress that hugged her body ever so snuggly. She already was propping her head up with her elbows as she put on her best lovers gaze, and lovers smile for William.

“So… I’m Mabel.” Mabel said as she held out her hand to greet her “Man”.

“Pleasure to meet you Shooting Star! The names William!” William said with a toothy grin, taking Mabel’s hand up to his lips and pecking it softly. Dipper would normally go thermo-nuclear over this action he was seeing, but he couldn't get what William said out of his mind.

“William! That sounds so… Exotic!” Mabel said feistily.

“I guess you could say I’m out of this world. I’m a real party animal too. Speaking of animals, I love ‘em! Especially deer!” William said, trying to state his perfections for Mabel.

“Really? Do you like pigs? Cause I got a pet one!” Mabel said, proudly stating her ownership of her pet.


"You got a pet pig huh? That’s… Hot?” William said as Mabel sighed dreamily over the compliment. Pacifica was softly smiling over this scene, thinking that since Mabel was so random and weird, and William already had the whole ‘Creepy guy who will probably spend the rest of his life in his parents basement’ attitude, this was more than just a perfect match. However, Dipper still couldn’t stop thinking about William’s voice. The way he sounded, what he called him. Now Dipper was inspecting what William was wearing. The Bowtie was familiar too. The black pants with the equally black shoes. The lanky arms. Golden hair. The One Eye. It all looked so familiar, but where did he see it before?

“So…” William said, managing to catch Dipper’s attention as he leaned over the table and blocked out a penguin with a top hat on his head, just having the top hat hover over his head.

“Do we have a deal?” William said as he outstretched his hand towards Mabel for her to shake it.

“Oh my god.” Dipper said in a shocked voice, then shooting up and out of his chair, running all the way to the other side of the ‘Date Room’ to crash into the scene.

“Hmm… Deal!” Mabel said and clasped her hand around William’s

“No!” Dipper yelled as he bursted inside of the ‘Date Room’.

“Ugh, Dipper! Why are you interfering when you set this whole thing up in the first place!” Mabel said as she turned around in her chair and crossed her arms, pouting.

“Mabel, That’s Bill!” Dipper shouted, pointing towards William.

“No, I’m William with a W, not Billiam with a B.” William scoffed as he stood up from his chair, shooting down the accusation with his flawless logic.

“He calls me Pine Tree, He called you Shooting Star! Who else calls us that besides Bill?!” Dipper shot out another accusation.

“Well… I called you Pine Tree because of… Your… Hat!” Will said as he looked around the room, finally coming up with a reason as of why he would call Dipper Pine Tree.

“And the reason I call hottie over here Shooting Star is because she’s the Star of my life.” Will continued his reasoning.

“See! That’s true love Dipper, like what you and Pacifica have! Besides, Bill wears a top hat!” Mabel began to deduce how different Bill and Will were from each other.

“Yeah! Bill wears a top hat! See, no top hat! And also, I heard he was a triangle, and I’m not a shape!” Will said as he defended himself.

“What deal did you make him?! Tell Me!” Dipper said as he rushed over to his twin sister and shook her violently for an answer.

“None of your beeswax Pine Tree!” Will said as he crossed his arms and held his head up high.

“Yeah! None of your bees knees Maple Tree!” Mabel mimicked her soon to be boyfriend. Dipper slowly turned his attention from his sister to Will, giving him the harshest death stare any twin brother could give.

“Mabel… Leave us.” Dipper said as he pushed Mabel aside and faced the soul devourer head on.

“What! No! He’s my boyfriend Dipper, why don’t you go suck face with Pacifica!” Mabel said angrily, trying to tug Dipper by the arm and out of the room.

“Mabel, just trust me! Leave us alone.” Dipper said coldly, causing Mabel to give a giant grunt and rush out of the room angrily as Dipper closed it softly behind her.

“I know who you are.” Dipper said coldly which would give a normal person a small chill down their spine. However, Dipper wasn’t dealing with a normal person.

“Yeah, well I know who you are to Pine Tree!” Will said as he turned his body away from Dipper, crossing his arms once more.

“Drop the act, Now!” Dipper said, still as cold as ever.

“… Alright, so you figured it out. But I kinda, want to make something work out between me and your Shooting Star! She’s nice, random, sweet, crazy, gullible, all the qualities I want out of a human!” Bill said, beginning to defend himself.

“Besides, I’m kinda… Stuck like this.” Bill said as he pointed to his human body.

“What?” Dipper said, not believing a single word that came out of the dream demons mouth.

“I heard you left one of the journals back at the Shack, so I went into incognito mode to go and get it… And I forgot how to turn back… Okay! I can’t turn back!” Bill said as he stomped in place when he made his point.

“… Prove it.” Dipper ordered his arch-enemy.

“What? How?” Bill asked as Dipper looked around the room so that Bill could test his magic out safely.

“Turn that candle into a snake and make it bite me.” Dipper said as he pointed to the electrical candle on the table.

“Uhh… Fine.” Bill said as he began to roll up his sleeves and began to motion with his hands and arms in a few different positions, making his face turn red as he tried his heart out to make the electronic turn into a serpent and attack his enemy.

“Ga! Ahh! Hnng! Hah!… See?” Bill said as he finally gave up and slumped down back into his chair, out of breath.

“So let me get this straight. You turned into a lanky, creepy, blonde haired teen so you could steal the journals I used to stop all sorts of monstrosities, and you can’t turn back?” Dipper stated, summing up the situation so that he could easily understand everything.

“Why don’t you just laugh about it while you put it that way. This body sucks! I got no magic, and I have all these crazy emotions and urges! Like at first, I saw your sister just as putty to mold and squish around with in games I would play to screw around with mortals. But now, I want to make something work out between us! Like, what’s up with that?” Bill said, fully weirded out by his urges.

“What deal did you make her?” Dipper asked his last question as cold as possible.

“Okay… I didn’t mean it literally or physically at all alright?” Bill began to say as Dipper continued to shoot a death stare towards him.

“I just made a deal where I would always take care of her, be there, love her always, in exchange… For… Her… Heart.” Bill slowly said, wincing over how wide Dipper’s eyes widened over what his sister promised him.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Look, If I wanted her heart, I would have it in my hand right now! But since I’m clearly not awesome or magical anymore, I can’t do anything like that!” Bill said, trying to make Dipper to calm down and not charge at him and strangle him. Dipper began to contemplate the situation fully. On one hand, he just set up his sister with a Demonic Dream Tormentor that could cause mass chaos and destruction with just the snap of his fingers. But, on the other hand, it appeared that he didn’t have any powers anymore. Either way, Dipper had to make a threat to make sure Bill understood who was in charge.

“Listen to me carefully you demon spawn.” Dipper said as he leaned over the table and pointed straight at Bill, who in turn crossed his arms and held his pointy nose up high.

“If your Ever, Ever, Hurt my Sister, I will rip you apart! Limb! From! Lim-!” Dipper started to begin to threaten Bill as the door from the boys side of the staging area bursted open as a very small and pudgy teen, who was sporting a jail yard jumpsuit, was panting his lungs out from running all the way to the Mystery Shack.

“Am I too late for the contest?” The smaller and magical teenager said.

“Gideon?!” Dipper stated in shock over seeing yet another arch-enemy appear out of the blue.

“Small fry?” Bill said annoyed as he turned around and saw his former business accomplice.

“How did you get out of jail?” Dipper asked as he pointed his finger from Bill to Gideon.

"Warden forgot to lock my cell again! Now, where’s my Apple Crumb?” Gideon said as he lightly bounced on his feet.

“Straight through that door, Pint-size.” Bill said as he patted Gideon on the back and pointed towards the door behind Dipper. Dipper gave Bill yet another angry look until he saw Gideon begin to run in place due to Bill holding the back of Gideon’s jumpsuit. Soon, Gideon fully tuckered himself out and crashed onto the floor, gasping and wheezing for air.

“Ah, there he is.” Said the voice of a state trooper of Oregon County as he came into the date room from where Gideon crashed into.

“Sorry for the trouble guys, I’ll just take the little guy back to his cell.” The State Trooper said in his grizzly voice as he picked up Gideon and carried him away from the Mystery Shack.

“See! I’m a good guy now!” Bill said, making one last claim that he turned his life around, causing Dipper to sigh and rub his chin viscously over what to do next. After a few more minutes, Dipper came out of the room, holding Bill by the arm while Mabel had just stopped pacing around the back door of the ‘Date Room’. Mabel looked worriedly at Dipper, then towards Bill, waiting for any sign of approval from her twin.

“I’m keeping a close eye on the both of you. Don’t do anything stupid, and just be happy with each other.” Dipper said as he gave a strong shove, causing Bill to shuffle forward, landing straight into the spine crushing arms of Mabel Pines.

“Oh, William! I knew we’d be together in the end!” Mabel said as she rubbed her head viciously on the lanky teens arm. While Mabel was cuddling with Bill, Dipper made his way over to Pacifica and looked back on the new couple he had just created.

“She looks like she’s going to be distracted with Will for a while.” Pacifica said as she draped an arm around Dipper’s back.

“Pacifica… It’s about William… He’s actually a-.” Dipper started, until Pacifica placed her finger to Dipper’s mouth, to shush him.

“Would you please stop worrying so much, and just enjoy our new free time.” Pacifica said as she embraced Dipper, feeling now free from Mabel annoying behavior. Pacifica and Dipper hugged each other for a while until Pacifica softly opened her eyes to see Mabel staring straight out her with a competitors frown while cuddling into Bill’s arm. Pacifica gave a small chuckle, agreeing to this competition and quickly snuggled into Dipper’s neck, causing Dipper to inhale slightly. Mabel then responded with multiple licks to the side of Bill’s face.

“Uhh… Please… Stop that.” Bill said, disgusted over the licks. Pacifica decided then to make a bolder move by taking Dipper by the face and began to kiss him passionately. Pacifica opened her eyes once again to see Mabel give out a giant gasp, and then lower Bill down and performed a dip kiss on him.

“Mhh! Hnn! Mmhh!” Bill yelped out in surprise as Mabel and Pacifica began a new weird and strange competition to see who could please the other’s boyfriends the most. And the bedroom was not off limits.

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That Guy With The One Eye
This was surprisingly long, but this pretty much sets up the next series nicely. Just give me a day or so to get the other series rolling.
Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
After this next chapter, I might take a small break of a few days, or day. Nothing to big or fantastic, just a small break. After this next story, I'll be working on another series. But I will continue to work on both series simultaneously. I'll explain the chronological order in the description.
“Alright. You can do this. Nothing is going to ruin this day. No Ghosts. No Dream Demons. No Giant Bears. No Evil Deers. No Pixies. And No Fireflies.” Dipper began to give himself a pep talk as he dressed himself in front of a very old mirror in the twins room. He straightened out his suit jacket, suit pants and polished his dress shoes as well. For the finishing touches, he began to button his jacket slowly, stating each danger with each time he buttoned up his jacket.

“Just you, Pacifica, Mabel, and Wendy. And Wendy said she was going to be overseeing everything Mabel will do in the kitchen. No Smile Dip surprise anywhere!” Dipper said as he claimed himself and fiddled desperately with his bowtie to complete his suit.

“You got this… In… The bag. All you need to do… Is fix… This stupid… Bowtie.” Dipper said, pausing each time to focus closely on his neck accessory. With as many loops, tugs and pulls he tried, the bowtie came out looking like a weird, tangled mess. Sighing in defeat, Dipper looked around to see if he could anything or anyone that could help him with his finishing touches. Dipper then looked out of the window to see how his better half was doing with making herself look even more perfect than she already was. Pacifica was tending to herself, looking through a hand mirror that she carried around in her makeup kit, as she put on red lipstick while sitting on a stump. Pacifica also decided to wear a very pink dress with white high heel shoes. She had a black hair piece on to hold her hair in place as she let her hair flow straight down her back in small golden curls. The only people Dipper knew that could tie a bow tie was his dad, Stan, and Pacifica. And since his father was home, and Grunkle Stan was still gambling to win back his car, the only other choice was to get Pacifica to help him. Dipper quickly walked out of the twins room, down the stairs, and out the back door to slowly approach Pacifica. Pacifica, however, was too busy tending to her appearance to notice Dipper slowly inching his way over to her. Dipper managed to get right next to Pacifica without bothering her, and placed his hand on her shoulder, causing Pacifica to look up to greet Dipper with a sweet smile. Pacifica looked him over quickly, approving of his dress code, only seeing one minor imperfection being the undone bowtie.

“Need anything?” Pacifica asked as she closed her hand mirror and put her lipstick inside it.

“Could you help me… With this?” Dipper asked as he pointed at his neck with the black cloth still hanging loosely around it. Pacifica slowly got up with a small hum of laughter and began to warp the bowtie properly.

“You’d think an average guy would know how to do one of these.” Pacifica said as she quickly tied the bowtie into a presentable knot.

“Well, you seem to forget Miss Northwest, I’m not you average guy.” Dipper said as he crossed his arms smugly and tried to be the somewhat dominant one in their relationship.

“You’re right. You’re more of an average dork.” Pacifica said to instantly deflate Dipper’s macho persona. Pacifica then gave a small tug to the already done bow tie, which made Dipper grunt and leaned forward to Pacifica, close enough so they would come nose to nose with each other.

“But you’re my dork.” Pacifica stated, reminding Dipper of who owned who in their relationship. Dipper leaned back and cleared his throat nervously while raking the back of his head with his hand.

“Well… Yeah, q-q-q-quite right… Right, Hehe.” Dipper began to stutter, fully embarrassed on how strong Pacifica just announced her dominance.

“I’ll be… You know… I’ll be at the… D-dinner table.” Dipper stuttered again as he walked backward's away from Pacifica, then tripping and falling onto the front step of the back entrance to the Mystery Shack. Pacifica began to giggle at the scene as Dipper quickly jumped up and dusted himself off, only to laugh with Pacifica for a few seconds until the laughter died down, causing him to retreat into the Shack. As Dipper began to dust himself off, and give himself another pep talk, Pacifica began to reevaluate the situation of how could she ever be associated with such a nerd, not to mention a nerd that wasn’t rich at all. It hadn’t started when she employed him to take care of her ghost problem, why would have it happened then? She could have picked anyone else that was invested into ghost exorcising. Dipper Pines was just… Special. The first time Pacifica saw Dipper, it was automatically categorized as one of the most amazing experiences Pacifica’s has ever had in a long time. Anyone could say it was a ‘Love at first sight’ kind of ordeal for her. If Pacifica had her way, she would have walked straight up to Dipper, and paid him to become her boyfriend. Just pay him to be hers was the only think that Pacifica truly wanted at that moment. What sunk that idea from ever happening was the dreaded detour of ghastly colored sweaters, and the most energetic pep Pacifica had ever seen in her life. Mabel was a problem. A very Big problem. Such a big problem being that Pacifica began to hate everyone and anything that was associated with Mabel, even her hunk of a brother. But, on the other hand, Mabel had everything Pacifica had ever wanted that money could not get her. Mabel had freedom, true happiness, unlimited creativity, self-independence, but most importantly, Dipper. Pacifica knew that if she were ever to get close to Dipper Pines, she would have to climb over the obstacle that was Mabel Pines. Suing for ownership over Dipper Pines from Mabel was always a good plan that remained in the back of Pacifica’s head, but she decided to approach the situation as friendly as possible. Soon, Pacifica broke down her old ways of treating Mabel as dirt and soon treated her as… A richer form of dirt. If Pacifica had her way though, Mabel may someday be upgraded into an ‘Estranged Sibling’ as Pacifica would take her war path and conquer Dipper Pines as a ‘Husband’. But for now, Pacifica must conquer Dipper Pines as a ‘Boyfriend’, and deal with Mabel as an ‘Acquaintance’. Pacifica gave one last rub to her dress to get rid of any unwanted crease, and readied herself as she made her way to the front of the Mystery Shack. Pacifica reached the front door and gave it a good knock on the door quickly opened, showing one of Dipper’s close friends, Wendy Corduroy, who would also be overmatching Mabel for Dipper’s and Pacifica’s date.

“Hey dude, welcome to the Mystery Shack. Dinner for two, right?” Wendy asked, fully accepting her role as the caterer for teenager’s date together.

“That is correct and thank you miss Corduroy. I appreciate your form of professionalism that you show, rather than what the Twins do.” Pacifica said as she held her head up high and entered the Mystery Shack. The Shacks interior was covered with multiple candles strewn all over the place, on the display cases, windows, and the cash register. Only the low dim of the candles lit the Shack.

“Well, I’ll just show you to your better half than. Right, this way miss Northwest.” Wendy said as she bowed and raised her arm towards the entrance to the den, which was draped with a long piece of cloth that split down the middle, decorated with multicolored hearts. Pacifica walked past Wendy, thinking to herself that Mabel’s decorations carried a bad omen for her retry of a first date. The Den was fully transformed for the occasion, the Tv was covered with a black cloth with multiple candles on top of it, the couch had multiple pictures of cute and fuzzy animals, on top of the couch had a sign that read ‘Cuddle Corner’. Dipper stood by the small table in the middle of the den with a giant, goofy grin of pure happiness. On the white table was one long candle with a tiny flame on top of it, which slowly began to melt the candle. There was also two white plates with their respected knives and forks on either side of them. Pacifica smiled as she made her way to Dipper, placing him in a small hug and gently kissing him on the lips. Dipper moved out of the way and pulled Pacifica’s chair back so she could be seated. Pacifica gracefully accepted the seat and then Dipper went over and sat in his chair.

“Well, you two look like your having a great time already. I’ll go tell the chefs we’re ready for the main course.” Wendy said as she walked past the table and into the makeshift kitchen. Dipper watched Wendy disappear around the corner, and then looked back at Pacifica and gave a nervous smile.

“What are you worrying about now Dipper?” Pacifica asked, sensing that Dipper felt uneasy.

“Worried?! No! No worrying here! Just… Happy to be here, and all!” Dipper said, giving a fake grin as a few beads of sweat began to fall off his face. Pacifica frowned over his fake attitude, making Dipper fully drop his act and slowly frown as well.

“Alright. Maybe I’m just a little worried about how things could be going.” Dipper sighed as he confessed his complaints.

“Talk to me.” Pacifica said, pleading for Dipper to open up more.

“Pacifica… Don’t you think… We’re taking things just a little too… Fast?” Dipper said slowly as he looked into Pacifica’s confused eyes.

“I mean… It’s just that we.” Dipper said as he began to motion around with his hands, struggling to formulate words to explain his point.

“I love you. I really do! You’re very, very important to me. Like, on the top five level of important people in my life right now. It’s just that… I didn’t expect having something like this when I came back to Gravity Falls. I expected on talking to you, helping you out with parent issues. But when we started to kiss and hug each other… I don’t know” Dipper said as he began to give up on his explanation by putting his head in his hands.

“…You want to explore other options?” Pacifica asked, wondering grimly if that was where Dipper was going with their conversation.

“No!” Dipper shouted as he bounced up from the question.
“I mean… No. I want what we have, and this is only something we can have together.” Dipper began to explain quietly as he reached over to hold Pacifica’s hand.

“It’s just that… I’m just worried that we are doing this for the sake of… Doing this, you know?” Dipper asked, not on the point of what he was trying to say, but something he wanted to say nonetheless. Pacifica slowly grazed her thumb along Dipper’s hand, coming up with two words to start to explain her side of the story.

“Six years.”

“What?” Dipper asked, not fully understanding the meaning of what she started to say.

“Most people wait longer than Six whole years to not even tell their crush that they love them. Not showing them that they love them. It felt like I was in a come when you were away. It felt worse than imaginable when you were here, and I couldn’t say anything to you. I couldn’t tell you how I felt. I couldn't admit to you what I wanted. I couldn’t show you how much I cared.” Pacifica paused her confession, now focusing only on stoking Dipper’s hand.

“The first year was awful. I abandoned everyone, friends and people I paid to be around me, just because I wanted to come here.” Pacifica said as she looked around the Mystery Shack’s den.

“The second year wasn’t any better. I… I admitted that what I wanted was just to be with you. You as my knight, and me as your princess.” Pacifica said as she looked up and stared into Dipper’s eyes.

“The third year was strange. Dreams came to my mind about you. Feelings and giddy romances that I made up in my mind about when you would come back. How I would fall into your arms. How you would make everything better.” Pacifica said with a sad smile, which soon disappeared into a frown.

“The fourth year was terrifying, just because I didn’t know if you were actually going to come back.” Pacifica said as she tightened her grip on Dipper’s hand.

“The fifth year was… The worst. I told my parents about you.” Pacifica said as she loosened her grip.

“They hate you. I just thought you should know that… By the sixth year, I started to argue with everyone about you. Defended you about what happened last summer. Saying how you are such a genius, how one day you’d come back and change this whole town… Change me.” Pacifica said as she fully succumbed to her emotions and let a stray tear roll down her cheek as she confessed the last year of waiting, causing Dipper to take his napkin and wipe it away softly. Pacifica’s hands then shot up and clasped onto Dipper’s hand.

“You tell me we are going to fast, but I’m telling you that we need to do this before anything else happens. Before it’s too late for us.” Pacifica said as she began to plead, almost back onto the brink of tears. Dipper grabbed both of hands in his, managing to calm her down for him to talk.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even know how hard this was for you. I have been thinking about you when I was gone, though I’m sure you heard Mabel say that a couple of times. The point is that I’m just afraid of if we go to fast, then it’ll be over quicker… But… But I know that that’s not the case anymore.” Dipper said as he gave Pacifica’s hands a tight squeeze. They both starred at each other for a few minutes, then leaned forward, right over the candle that was appropriately waxing. They almost reached each other for a kiss, until they both heard a loud crashing sound coming from the kitchen.

“Not the heart shaped steak!” A very distressed Mabel could be heard shouting loudly, causing both Dipper and Pacifica to lean over and turn to face the kitchen to see Wendy carrying out a plate of pasta.

“Sorry dudes, looks like this was the only thing that was saved and not covered in smile dip. Waddles totally tripped your sister.” Wendy said with a small chuckle as she replaced the candle with a plate of pasta.

“Enjoy guys, and don’t forget to kiss!” Wendy said as she made her way back into the kitchen to help Mabel clean up the wreckage. Dipper and Pacifica looked at each other, and then softly giggled over the situation. They both then set their eyes on the dish that was prepared before them, examining it well. It was a very saucy plate of Spaghetti, with multiple strands of pasta every which way. On top of the pasta, there were three small meatballs, equally sauced like the pasta. Dipper decided to go in first, taking his fork and take a strand of spaghetti to wrap it around his utensil. Dipper then topped his fork off with a one of the very small meatballs. Pacifica waited her turn to direct the food, until she saw that Dipper was holding his fork out for her to take a bite off. Pacifica smiled and accepted the food as Dipper slowly and lightly shoved it into her open mouth. Pacifica gave a satisfied hum while chewing, it wasn’t the richest substance, but it’s plainness and homemade style of cooking made it good enough for her. The both of them continued to play with their food until it came to the point where they were left each other alone and ate their own ways. They began to pick apart at the spaghetti, taking care of the noodles one by one until they both decided to pluck on of their strands of spaghetti and slurped from the dish to their mouths. Pacifica giggled at first of how un-table-manner like they were acting, and thought she could get used to this quickly. They began to slurp on their end of their strands until they soon realized that both of their strands raised itself while they kept eating until they were connected to the same strand. Dipper’s eyes widened as well as Pacifica’s to see they were eating off the same strand, which caused Pacifica to look up to Dipper to see what action he’d take.

“Don’t worry, I saw my mom and dad handle this before.” Dipper said as he began to motion forward. Pacifica’s heart began to race; she thought that this was just like the movies. That the romantic other half would follow his strand and right into the lips of his female counterpart. Pacifica watched Dipper through half lidded eyes as he then took a fork and turned it so that the strand broke, causing both of their noodles to fall limp to their chins, leaving a bit of sauce as a remainder.

“There!” Dipper said happily as he slurped up his end of the spaghetti, smiling softly at Pacifica, who in turn looked a little stunned for a moment, then laughed heartily over the situation.

“You’re such and idiot.” Pacifica said with a chuckle, causing Dipper to frown in confusion.

“But you’re my idiot.” Pacifica said as she softly ruffled Dipper’s hair, making him blush.

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The Spaghetti Trick
So, this is chapter six. Hope you enjoy. The next chapter might be a little weird, you'll understand why when you see the title.
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I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
“You promise me, right Mabel?” Dipper asked now under the dark shade of night, only being illuminated by a low-powered flashlight, the moons soft glow, and the blinking of millions of fireflies around him and his sister.

“For the billionth time, I promise! I’m not going to interrupt your dumb sky watching date!” Mabel promised as she crossed her arms and pouted angrily over being forced to keep her promise about not interrupting her twin brother from having a kiss fest with her former arch-enemy.

“I mean it Mabel. You promised me, alright? And you’re not going to go back on that promise, right?” Dipper asked, almost coming to a point where he would get down on his knees and beg his twin to leave him and Pacifica alone for the night.

“Dipper, the more you freak out about this, the less time you and Pacifica are gonna smooch!” Mabel said as she shook her brother by the shoulders to get him to stop worrying.

“Alright, alright… I’m just… I’m so nervous about this Mabel! What if I say something stupid?” Dipper said in a very worried tone.

“That’s the point dummy! You are going to say something stupid; you're the clueless boyfriend that Pacifica fell in love with!” Mabel said giving Dipper one last shake on the shoulder, a small little pep talk, and then proceeded to reach down into the picnic sack, which a now sleeping Waddles still had on his back.

“You’re right. You’re right! I’m a clueless boyfriend and darn it, that’s what Pacifica likes about me!” Dipper said as he pounded his fist into his hand to try and throw his worried thoughts out of his mind.

“What is that, anyway?” Dipper asked as Mabel pulled out what appeared to be a glass jar taped to the other end of a vacuum.

“Cool ain’t it? Soos made it! It’s an automatic firefly catcher! Watch!” Mabel said as she aimed her weapon of mass captured over to a few fireflies as they were sucked into the vacuum and the jar.

“Hey, that’s pretty cool! But are you sure the fireflies don’t mind being caught like that?” Dipper asked as he peered into the jar.

“Why would the fireflies mind? They were born to be caught! Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Mabel said as she ran off, Firefly catcher waving wildly in the air, sucking up helpless Firefly after helpless firefly. Dipper softly chuckled to himself as he saw Mabel begin her catching frenzy, which freed himself up to finally go up and watch the stars with Pacifica. Dipper took a long look at the dark and grassy plain, seeing how flat and low the land was as he begin to march up to the only small hill in the grassland, which was also where Pacifica laid as she looked up into the sky. Dipper began to climb the small hill and saw that Pacifica was already laying on her back, looking up in awe over the many, tiny, lights above them. Dipper crawled over and laid down right next to Pacifica, side by side, his legs facing north and her’s facing south. Out of the corner of his eye, Dipper could see Pacifica’s eyes twinkle as she continually stared at each star in the sky individually. Dipper looked away from his personal star and up at the bright dots up in the sky, not as awe-struck when he would stare at the young Northwest. There were dozens of them though, all tightly spaced with each other, all forming constellation. Dipper cleared his throat and began to look for one constellation that they both could admire, but which one should he start out with? Aquila, The Eagle? What about The Swan, Cygnus? He could choose the Dolphin, or maybe the Little Horse. No, Dipper thought to himself, I’ll show her the Pegasus! She’ll surely like that constellation. Dipper locked his eyes onto his target and rose his hand to announce what he had in his sight.

“You see that one?” Dipper asked as he pointed in the direction of the constellations formation. Pacifica turned her head slightly to see it in all its glory.

“You know the Pegasus, right? The Flying Horse? It’s right there.” Dipper stated matter of factly as he pointed to the formation again. Dipper smiled to himself, thinking that this was going better than smoothly.

“You know why they call it the Pegasus right? Well, if you look closely at how the stars connect-.” Dipper continued to explain as he took his left arm and placed it on the back of his head nonchalantly.

“Boring.” Pacifica stated dryly as she interrupted Dipper from explaining the formation.

“What?” Dipper asked as he turned his head to look at her, surprised that she would say that. After all, she was a fellow astronomer, Or so she told him.

“That’s not what I do when I come out here. At least not anymore.” Pacifica said as he slightly shifted on the ground and began to look deeply into the night sky, giving a smile and pointed upwards and announced loudly.
“There! What about that one?” Pacifica said as she pointed to a constellation that she found. Dipper took a long look at what Pacifica was pointing at, but could not find any constellation he knew about. Only a cluster of stars.

“…What is it?” Dipper asked, totally confused. Pacifica sighed and pointed back up towards the sky and began to trace quickly what the constellation was supposed to look like. She began with what appeared to be a curve, then a half circle, which curved around again and had a small circular bump in the curve. As of now, the constellation looked like what appeared to be the beginnings of a face, as Pacifica pointed above the curves and traced what appeared to be messy locks of hair on top of the face. Dipper laid back and closely examined the curves and the hair, blocking out any loose stars inside of the constellation and focused purely on Pacifica’s movements. Pacifica began to connect star to star like she had done this to a practiced perfection of whenever she needed to show someone the constellation she was proud of showing. She added a few features to the face with the stars she had left to use. She filled in by putting in more details for ears, eyes, and finally a mouth. With that, she was finished with the head, but still had her finger pointing to the constellation so that Dipper could figure out what she drew from the sky. Dipper’s eyes focused in on the face more and saw that the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears looked familiar. In fact, it reminded him of him. Mostly because it was a constellation of his entire face.

“No, way!” Dipper said as he sat up and turned his head to face Pacifica, who was looking up at him with an amused smile as he slowly understood her drawing.

“Look’s pretty hot doesn’t it?” Pacifica said slyly, still smiling.

“Uh, hehe… Could you, maybe, show me that… Again?” Dipper asked as he slowly lowered himself back to laying down next to Pacifica. Pacifica happily nodded and drew the constellation again, just as fast as before. She drew in the same ears, the same jaw, the same nose, same hair, and the same eyes as Dipper had. Dipper was blown away with the imagination that Pacifica had, finding it totally astonishing that not only would she find a perfect design to match Dipper’s head perfectly, but that she would know exactly where it would be whenever she needed to point it out.

“Well, now it’s your turn. And don’t pick something boring this time.” Pacifica stated her challenge to Dipper to pick out another star formation that could impress her as much as he was impressed by hers.

“Oh… Okay… Hmm.” Dipper hummed cautiously, now stepping into a totally different arena that he had no idea what to do or where to begin. Dipper sighed and began to think outside of the box. When he was younger, Mabel and Dipper would always go cloud hunting on a bright sunny day. Of course, Mabel would always transform any puffy white cloud into a puppy or a heart by only using her imagination. So Dipper put himself in the mindset of his younger cloud hunting years, but as of now, it would be constellation hunting.

“Alright… Here we go then.” Dipper announced as he began to point back up to the sky and slowly trace out the shape of a new constellation he made up in his mind. Pacifica glued her eyes to where Dipper was tracing, anticipating patiently what he thought up of with the massive canvas they had before them. Dipper traced out a diagonal line going left, then another diagonal line to the right. A diagonal line downwards, towards the right, then diagonally back up to the right, and then diagonally back down right. Finally, Dipper ended it to connecting it back to the original point where his constellation began. He held his finger at the point where he finished and looked over his formation one last time. He thought it at least looked like a heart, maybe a very edgy heart, but a heart nonetheless.

“Aww. That’s so sweet Dipper.” Pacifica said as she brought her hand up to grab Dipper’s still pointing hand, and clasped their hands together and brought their hands back down to the ground. Dipper turned over onto his side to face Pacifica as she turned onto her side as well as they still held their hands. Dipper gave a wide smile as Pacifica found his star art at least impressive. They stared at each other for a while, softly caressing their thumbs over each others hands, until they heard the soft sound of constant giggling and the soft hum of a vacuum cleaner. After hearing this, Pacifica looked away from Dipper and back up into the sky. Pacifica gave a small and sly smile as she looked back over to Dipper.

“My turn.” Pacifica said as she turned back up to the sky to begin to draw again. Dipper turned back onto his back to see her star art and saw Pacifica was slowly drawing what looked to be long curly hair, another curvy jaw, then began to put in details as a very wide smile, rosy cheeks, a nose and two very wide happy eyes. Dipper immediately realized that what Pacifica drew was of his twin sister Mabel. Dipper chuckled at how great Pacifica was at this star art

“This is pretty cool Pacifica. Maybe we should show Mabel?” Dipper asked as he turned away from the stars and to Pacifica, as Pacifica was giving him a very deadpan stare a small grimace at the idea of letting his sister join in on their moment.

“Uhh… Maybe not! Heh.” Dipper chuckled awkwardly as he killed the mood slightly by saying Mabel should join them as a third wheel.

“Your turn.” Pacifica said quietly, slightly annoyed by both bringing up Mabel in the first place, and Dipper’s idea to bring her into their small moment. Dipper, upon seeing Pacifica annoyed, immediately began to work in an imagination overdrive mode if he wanted to save their small date from spending the evening romantically tracing stars with one another. Almost like clockwork, Dipper began to see a shape in the night sky yet again. A small and soft smile, long flowing hair, half-lidded eyes and a small, perfect nose. Dipper smiled and began to trace without any announcement. Pacifica was caught off guard at Dipper’s sudden motion and quickly looked to the sky to see what he was drawing. She saw the hair, a jaw, ears, and nose. Then, Pacifica saw the very familiar eyes that have usually given Dipper a loving gaze, and a soft smile that she soon adorned on her face.

“Now that’s just beautiful.” Dipper said as he looked away from the sky and turned down to see Pacifica, who was giving her bright smile to Dipper. Dipper took his hand and softly stroked Pacifica’s head, then leaned in and gave her a kiss while they laid on the grass. They kissed only for a few minutes, bumped and rubbed noses with each other, and then they just stopped and looked back up into the sky. Dipper took a sigh, now enlightened from Pacifica about seeing something other than regular constellations. Dipper smiled as he looked into the sky, managing to see Pacifica’s face, Mabel’s face, and his face along the star ridden.

“Dipper! Pacifica!” Mabel shouted as she ran up the small hill, arms behind her back. Pacifica, who moaned loudly upon hearing the loud brunette, and Dipper both sat up and faced Mabel as Mabel bounced in place happily with a prize behind her back.

“Check this out!” Mabel said as she held out a jar that she was hiding, which was also filled to the brim with fireflies that slowly glowed brightly in succession. Pacifica softly rubbed her face, again giving out a low moan as Dipper let out a small chuckle.

“Well, that’s a lot of fireflies Mabel, but I think you should let them out now.” Dipper said as he looked over to a slightly annoyed Pacifica, who did not find this situation amusing at the least.

“Aww… Alright.” Mabel said as she unscrewed the top of the jar and let out a flood of fireflies that shot straight out into the air and buzzed around in an angry loop. It would have been a sight of wonder and awe until the fireflies began to buzz and fly into the motion that formed a skull and cross bones. The gang soon frowned worriedly at this and began to stand up slowly.

“Mabel… Get Waddles. We’re leaving.” Dipper said slowly, not to anger the giant horde of fireflies.

“Yeah… We should probably be running… Now… I’m Sorry!” Mabel yelled out her apology to the fireflies as she ran over to a sleeping Waddles and picked him up to run away from the fireflies. Dipper and Pacifica backed away slowly at the very irate fireflies, which soon buzzed near both of them, not going after the one who had imprisoned them. Dipper quickly grabbed Pacifica’s hand and ran the both of them ran as fast as they could away from the bugs.

“Well, this got dangerous quickly, didn’t?” Dipper asked as he pulled Pacifica by her arm as they ran from the now solid stream of fireflies.

“Next time we go out, we are never bringing your sister! No Matter What!” Pacifica yelled as she reached up to Dipper’s pace, soon being joined by Mabel, who was carrying Waddles under her right arm.

“So, can I get another chance for a first date?” Dipper shouted over the swarm.

“If I don’t get stung by those insects! Next time let’s just stay at the Shack!” Pacifica answered as they tried to run as fast as they could back into the forest.

“Great idea guys! I’ll be the chef for your dinner! Pacifica, do you like smile dip?” Mabel asked, offering the job of being the caterer for Dipper and Pacifica’s dinner date. Pacifica, on the other hand, began to argue all the way through the woods and back into the Mystery Shack. Dipper would need major assistance with his re-do first date. Maybe Wendy would be free tomorrow?

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Astro Nerds
I don't really have a schedule, should let you know that. But this is chapter 5 out of the series, just look into the gallery and the folder that holds all the stories, they're in chronological order. I will be branching off into a different series soon, just after two more stories for this series. This series won't end soon, I promise.
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Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
Just a few hours away from his breakfast, Dipper Pines was now going on his first, and hopefully not his last, date with Pacifica Northwest, who was busy being slightly annoyed over the current conditions of their first date. Dipper was currently sporting something that Wendy had sent him during when the Pines Twins were away from Gravity Falls. It was a red flannel lumberjack shirt which was sent with a letter attached to it, saying,‘From one of my bros, still smells. Hopefully, you’ll remember all of us here when the smell hits you. We miss you guys ~ Wendy.’. It took Dipper five weeks of constant scrubbing to make it smell at least presentable, but Dipper soon learned through multiple experiments that girls seemed to like the whole lumberjack spice the shirt had. With that in mind, Dipper tried to maintain the shirts condition and kept it fresh until he would need it again, which would definitely be today. Dipper also decided to wear his regular sneakers as well as a pair of jeans. For his last change of dress, Dipper decided painfully to leave his hat back on his bed, just so that he could have a little bit of added manliness that the hat would not give. Thankfully, Dipper’s bangs were enough to hide his birthmark, only a little bit of it was shown that would make most people think it was a weird zit. Pacifica, on the other hand, wore something similar to what she would always wear. A purple shirt with white pants, wearing her cowgirl boots again to make everything appear to clash well. Besides that, Pacifica also sported a giant annoyed frown over their date not going as she planned it to go. Besides how the couple felt, it was a beautiful day in Gravity Falls as the sun was out and not a cloud in sight. A few joggers past the group of picnic goers with small estranged looks, not that they thought that the coupling of a Northwest to anyone else that didn’t have ten thousand dollars on them at all times was odd, it was more of who was tagging along with them which made most of the commoners look confused.

“I’m really sorry Pacifica, she just kept asking me so many… Weird questions. I just had to do what she said!” Dipper began to apologize for the twelfth time as they started their journey towards the special spot, hoping to wipe off the look of total spite on Pacifica’s face.

“Dipper, for the hundredth time, it’s alright! Really, it is. If I had a twin brother or sister like yours, I would have probably given up when she started to bring up sexual questions about you. I’m not angry with you at all. But she isn’t taking this trip seriously at all!” Pacifica said as she pointed to Mabel Pines who was running in circles around bother Her, Dipper and Waddles who had a fairly large pack filled with picnic essentials strapped to him. Since they began their journey out into the forest from the Mystery Shack, Mabel had not stopped running around them while having her arms stretched in the form of an airplane for a single second. Mabel had also superglued multiple gems and bits of glitter on one of her more plain sweaters, which formed into a heart made out of gems, and in the middle of the heart was a very glittery D and a just as glittery P. Most people would think on first glance that Pacifica had hired a very low grade cheerleader to have around her whenever she and her boyfriend ever went out, which was sadly not the case due to the fact Pacifica couldn’t fire Mabel at any time if she wanted to. Mabel would also giggle to herself as she ran around them, one time chanting in a very singsongy tone,‘Dipper and Pacifica, Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! A-N-D, N-O-T, S-T-O-P-P-I-N-G! B-E-C, A-U-S-E, M-E A-N-D W-A-D-D-L-E! S, W-E-R-E, W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G.’ Mabel was happily giddy as she couldn’t stop herself from feeling happy over her brother and his new girlfriend’s relationship, even if it meant that she had to make it look like the greatest event in human history.

“Alright. Let me just… Tell her to calm down.” Dipper said as he walked over to Mabel in order to save his first date from going up in flames. Dipper waved at Mabel and she slowed down from her jog as she was going to make another circle around the both of them.

“Hey, Mabel, Nice… Uhm… Enthusiasm!" Dipper said as he complimented her energy.

“I know right? I would've brought the megaphone to, but we were in a hurry.” Mabel said as she brought up her original plans for making the date into more of a spectacle than it already was.

“Ahh, that’s, uh… Yeah, that’s a shame. But hey, how about you just, you know, walk with Waddles and… Stop running around in circles.” Dipper said, coming straight to the point and told Mabel to tone it down a little bit. Mabel looked up in the air for a few seconds, pondering her order and looked back down at her brother with a smile.
“Okay!” Mabel said as she then ran past Pacifica, who still had an annoyed scowl on her face, and straight over to Waddles as she picked up the pig and began to give him a piggyback ride.

“Ready! Let’s get going!” Mabel announced as she waited for Dipper and Pacifica to continue walking. Pacifica gave a long glance at Mabel, then proceeded to walk up to Dipper to continue their march.

“Fixed?” Dipper asked as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Let’s just try to look like we don’t know her.” Pacifica said as she crossed her arms and continued to walk to their destination. Dipper and Pacifica began to walk a little more casually now that Mabel was slightly under control. Dipper and Pacifica began to chat with each other for the time they continued on the dirt path, Dipper glancing back every now and then to see Mabel with a wide grin, Waddles resting his head on her shoulder. Dipper then would take long looks from the corner of his eye at Pacifica and enjoyed her beauty. Dipper looked at the way her hair would bounce as she walked, the confident strut she had while next to him, and Pacifica would also have a small and very soft smile when they were talking. Dipper immediately fell in Love with that smile. It wasn’t a large, toothy grin that he or Mabel would have, rather it was just a small smirk that oozed of confidence and bravery. Of course Dipper had his own self-confidence and bravery at times, but when he was around Pacifica, he felt like he could do and beat anything.

“Alright, we need to take a right here.” Pacifica announced which caused Dipper to fall out of his day dreaming stare as she pointed over to another woodland trail that was connected to their dirt path.
“How much further Sis-Sis? Waddles is getting super heavy!” Mabel said in a whiny tone as she continued to struggle carrying her pet.

“Why couldn’t you just left the thing back at the Shack?” Pacifica said in what Dipper would begin to call Pacifica’s ‘Mabel Tone’.

“Last time I left Waddles alone in the Shack, he there an animal party. We had to totally take down a wall in order for the elephants to leave.” Mabel told Pacifica which caused her to look at Dipper to see if that was true. Dipper could only chuckle over remembering how Waddles broke out twenty zoo animals so that he could have a house party.

“The funny part is that Grunkle Stan tried to keep the tigers and lions. He said that we were going to make a Mystery Zoo for the Mystery Shack.” Dipper said, adding in another chuckle which caused Mabel to join in and laughed with her brother. Pacifica soon got infected and began to giggle with the twins as more stories were told, both funny and straight up embarrassing. All of the stories were also told mostly at the expense of Dipper. The trio continued to walk on the unbeaten trail, trusty pig still being carried. Dipper soon realized that even he didn’t know where they were heading and was about to ask Pacifica if they were going in the right direction, when suddenly, Pacifica gave a loud gasp.

“Oh No!” Pacifica exclaimed as she stopped walking and put her hands over her mouth in shock.

“What?! What’s wrong?!” Dipper said as he assumed a ‘Mythical Beast Battle’ position in case they were in danger.

“The bridge is out!” Pacifica shouted in despair as she pointed to a medium sized river with the small sign of a broken down bridge by the sides of the river. Dipper walked towards the water and examined it, seeing it was rather shallow.

“Well, it doesn’t look that deep. I think we can cross it if we just march over it.” Dipper said as he began to roll up his pants so that his clothes wouldn’t get wet.

“And get Pacifica wet?! Are you insane Dipper?!” Mabel shouted from behind both Dipper and Pacifica, setting Waddles down to the ground from the piggyback.

“Well do you have any ide-.” Dipper began to say until he saw Mabel, with a giant grin, reach into the pack that Waddles carried on his back.

“No.” Dipper said immediately as he recognized that grin Mabel had. That specific grin that meant she was going to handle things her way. The extreme way.

“Yes!” mabel shot back at her brother.
“No Mabel!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

“Mabel… No!”

“Little brother… Yes!”

“Mabel, it wasn’t even safe when we did it back when we were twelve!” Dipper exclaimed, arguing back and forth with his twin sister. With each retort from brother and sister, Pacifica’s eyes shot from Mabel and Dipper until she had to interrupt.

“What are you two-.” Pacifica began to question until she was interrupted by Mabel.

“Grappling hook!” Mabel yelled as she held up a gun that had a hook like appendage on the front that was also connected to a rope.

“Mabel, their is no way that grappling hook is going to work this time! We’re to old, to big, the line will probably snap and we’ll end up falling into the river and just get wet.” Dipper rationally began to explain how the grappling hook idea would fail.

“Are you calling me and Pacifica fat?” Mabel asked, shocked over Dipper’s speech.

“What?! No! We just weigh more then we did when we were twelve!” Dipper yelled to try and defend himself.

“Dude! That is so cold of you to call your twin sister and your new girlfriend fat!” Mabel continued to accuse Dipper of making weight accusations.

“I’m just saying-.” Dipper began to argue with his sister one more time before another interruption.

“Can it work?” Pacifica ask annoyed.

“Yes!” Mabel shouted happily.

“No!” Dipper shouted at the same time as Mabel.

“Pacifica. Imagine if you will about using a grappling hook to swing around from place to place whenever you want. This is totally, one hundred percent safe! Seriously!” Mabel said as she walked over to Pacifica and placed her arm around Pacifica as she aimed the grappling hook by a tree branch.

“Mabel, I still don’t know about this.” Dipper said as he stood next to both of the girls, crossing his arms in protest.

“It’s either you swing with us or you get to swim. Either way, i’m going to totally save your date from a watery pit stop!” Mabel stated her facts plainly as she contained to hold Pacifica across the shoulders. Dipper began to rub the back of his neck as he looked over the situation carefully, trying to see a way to not use the grappling hook.

“Well… It could be… Fun?” Pacifica said with a nervous smile. That smile will always seal the deal when it comes to anything Dipper and Pacifica would be at odds about. Pacifica would say Two plus Two equalled Eight with that exact same smile and that would be all the proof Dipper would need for her to be right. Dipper sighed and then stood close to Pacifica, willing to do the grappling hook idea. Mabel then hummed in confusion and looked between Dipper, her and then Waddles.

“Well, theirs no way I can carry all of you, so…” Mabel said as she picked Waddles over her head and threw him across the stream. Waddles landed with a soft thud onto the other side, totally unaffected from the toss.

“There! Now, both of you hook your arms around mine and we’ll go on an awesome adventure!” Mabel announced as she regained her aim towards the branch, while Pacifica and Dipper looked at each other a little worried at first, but then Dipper gave a nervous fein and then they both hooked their arms around Mabel.

“Grappling hook!” Mabel yelled and shot her grappling hook onto the branch, and with one swift jog with each other, the gang jumped over the river and soared shakily over the creak. While in the middle of their swing, a loud snap was heard above them which caused the rope to dip down.

“Uh-oh.” Mabel muttered lowly as they were only about a couple of feet away from the other side as their sense of gravity began to shift and Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica began to fall forward and tumble across the ground onto the other side of the river. Dipper and Pacifica tumbled on their sides as they landed, while Mabel landed on her rear. Dipper sat up angrily and was about to yell at Mabel for putting Pacifica in harms way, until he heard the most beautiful sound he had ever heard Pacifica begin to laugh heavily after the small tumble. Going with this, Dipper began to slowly chuckle with Pacifica, which caused Mabel to laugh as loud as Pacifica. Hearing herself and the others, Pacifica stiffened for a second and then cleared her throat as she got up from the ground and dusted herself off from the tumble.

“Well… That was certainly different. Hopefully we don’t have to do something like that when we need to go back to your Shack. Onward now.” Pacifica said as she extended a hand out to mabel for her to get up, and as the good twin Mabel was, Mabel ran over and past Dipper and snuggled with Waddles who was still wearing the picnic package on his back. Dipper shot out an angry look at how his twin sister could value their pets life more than his, and glanced to his left to see Pacifica hold out her hand towards Dipper to help him up, still having her small smile on her face. Dipper smiled and accepted Pacifica’s hand and got himself up. As soon as Dipper got up, Pacifica continued to hold onto Dipper’s hand and she lead the group further down into the woods to get to the star gazing spot. As of now, it was getting late, the sun was setting, and the real show was just about to begin.

Slqh Wuhh, Oodpd, Vkrrwlqj Vwdu Dpg Wkh Plggoh Pdq Zloo Frph
And Together We'll Cross The River
Sorry, this got out a little late. work and all. I hope you all enjoy and I hope you are enjoying the series. More to come. I also appreciate all of the critiques and responses you all are giving me, thank you
Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.
I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
After this next chapter, I might take a small break of a few days, or day. Nothing to big or fantastic, just a small break. After this next story, I'll be working on another series. But I will continue to work on both series simultaneously. I'll explain the chronological order in the description.


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