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Alright here we go, I was tagged from cerigfolf so yeah

10 facts about me
1. I'm a very rich person
2. I would like to become an author soon
3. I've had a couple of girlfriends before
4. I have major social anxiety
5. I've been in two car crashes so far
6. I'm working with Ginzo25 on a comic series, which is super cool
7. I mostly commission nowadays, I've been either busy with writing my own book and other stuff then to contribute in any other way on DeviantArt
8. I actually live stream off of twitch, but again that's rarely because of work and writing and stuff, but you can personally ask me what my twitch thing is and I'll maybe livestream in the future or something
9. I always try to be friendly and polite to everyone, mostly because I think I'm annoying everyone I talk to
10. I have a beard

My answers to Jahs questions: apparently Jahs is this guy
So I'll answer both his and Ceri's questions
1: If you could meet any of my characters, who would you pick and what would you do with them? I don't know any of your characters
2: 1985 or 2015? 2015
3: Do you like The Amazing World of Gumball? no
4: If chickens could talk to you would you still eat them? I don't eat poultry
5: How do you like Naomi better: Normal, or blue (and poofy)? I don't know who that is
6: Are you looking forward to The LEGO Movie Sequel? I didn't watch the first one so no
7: If you could go back in time to any point, where and when would you go? Back to high school, High school was a really great time for me, a lot of friends and stuff
8: Do you think I'm too clean with my art? I don't watch your art so I can't comment
9: Playstation 2 or Wii? PS2
10: Doctor Who or Sherlock? I don't watch either of those shows, so Sherlock

My questions for you: (Answer in the Comments too all! :3 ANYONE ;3)
1: What can I do to make my art more enjoyable? :3. I don't know actually, I find your work very enjoyable. Maybe if you did more edits to your works I would find it enjoyable. Like more of your own edits.
2: Why are you into poofy art? It's just wacky and cartoony, very imaginative.
3: Do you like Stargate? no
4: Do you like me? FnaF Icon - Vincent (Flirty)  yes
5: Do these posts anoy you sometimes like they do me? yes
6: Do you like a more bloated, airy look to your inflation? Or more heavy and swollen? bloated
7: Poofy feet?! DO YOU LIKE THEM? or transformation of feet... that works too.. not really into foot anything
8: Furries? Are you one? and if you are, whos your sona? No I'm not a furry
9:Scifi or majic? both actually, I tend to create worlds around both an old and new order, if that term is understandable
10: Do you feel lucky... punk? I am actually a very lucky person to be honest. VERY Lucky. I've been in a lot of situations where I either talked my way out of trouble or Luck got me out of it.

So here's the part where I tag people, but I really don't have any other friends to tag or talk to so yeah, this is pretty much it. I guess I'm also supposed to make ten different questions, but again, I don't have anyone to tag so this'll end here.


Fake Namerson
United States


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