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Just want to give a quick update. I am probably going to upload a few stories every week, like maybe 3 or 2 tops. College is starting again, but I do have time to write some stuff. As for the next stuff, I'm focusing on the kids and their little quirks they have with each other. I'll explain in the description when I post the story
Dipper woke up to the soft sound of electronic music that sounded like it was coming from downstairs in the Mystery Shack. Dipper looked around as everything seemed a lot more grayer, and saw a slightly irate Pacifica stand over his bed, wearing her regular shirt with her white jacket, white pants, and brown cowboy boots. Dipper sat up in bed and scratched his head to find out what was exactly wrong with this current image. Normal days or nights never looked so gray and... Dreamy.

"What's happening? Why does everything look so... Odd? And what is that horrible music?" Dipper asked as he got up as Pacifica looked towards the closed door of the Pines Twins room.

"It probably has something to do with whatever's happening downstairs. Something's odd about this Dipper. The minute we got back and escaped those fireflies, I suddenly just fell straight to sleep and woke up in this place. It doesn't feel like the normal, disheveled Shack." Pacifica said in a very worried tone as she motioned to the door, Dipper right behind her. Dipper did find it incredibly odd how the world around them seemed so colorless. The den was also totally drained of life as they made their way past the kitchen, and to the front of the Mystery Shack to see possibly one of the strangest displays. There were multiple wooden doors that lead to different rooms that switched between a grassy plain, multiple dance floors, and kingdoms. In the middle of the shop floated a very giddy and hysterical Bill, who wore a tall, thin top hat, tight little bowtie, his regular dress shirt and pants, and a yellow suit jacket. Bill floated upside down as he was floating right beside Mabel, who wore a yellow sweater with a giant black outline of an eye with a golden headband who also cackled along with Bill over their small creation.

"Alright! Now let's make them a world where it's just them on a hiking trip, and they have to use teamwork to survive and help each other out!" Mabel shouted with a cackle as Bill nodded furiously over her idea. Bill then pointed toward an empty space of the Mystery Shacks front interior, which then was instantly filled with a large wooden door that lead into a room that seemed to be an endless forest.

"Great... Apparently your suspicions on Bill being an evil dream demon were totally correct... And apparently he took over your insane sister... You do know how to handle this situation right?" Pacifica said as she nudged Dipper on the shoulder who watched in a form of shock and horror. Bill and Mabel turned their heads towards Dipper and Pacifica from their monstrous device of rooms designed for fun, bonding and enjoyment.

"Hey! Pine Tree and Llama are awake!... Sorta! How you two doing?!" Bill said loudly as he floated by Dipper and Pacifica.

"Dipper! You gotta try this out! I'm creating tons of dream scenarios for you guys! Watch this Pacifica!" Mabel said as she floated over to Pacifica's head and shot out a few sparkles from her fingertips, which caused Pacifica to swat at the air to clear it from the zany and weird powers that Mabel had just earned.

"I thought you said you couldn't do anything like this Cipher." Dipper said as he crossed his arms in anger and looked up at the dream demon.

"Did I say that?!... Oh yeah... I did... Oops! My bad! I promise I won't tell another lie like that for the next ten minutes!" Bill said as he shrugged and tried to look innocent over the fact he had dreamscaped the entire gang, for some unknown reason.

"Look! This is actually for a good cause! Remember the last time you let us on a date with you guys? On that cliff? Where the fireflies tried to kill you guys again? We wanted to make it up to you! And by making it up to you, we're going to personally design a perfect dream for you two!" Bill said as he got down to the floor on Dipper's level and materialized a cane to lean on as he talked with Dipper.

"Why does Mabel have powers like you?" Dipper asked as he pointed to Mabel, who was spinning in the air on her side, making small airplane sound effects.

"I needed a sidekick." Bill said in a matter-of-factly tone which caused Mabel to stop dead in her spinning tracks.

"I thought you said I'd be your dream padawan!" Mabel shouted as she hung upside down and got face level to everyone.

"Whatever! Besides that, she's my girlfriend! And I usually give special people and cool shapes powers whenever they deserve them and totally would go power crazy with power with them anyway!" Bill said as he looked over to Mabel, who was busy making multiple doors, trying to coax Pacifica towards one.

"To tell you the truth, though. She's the only one that still doesn't think I'm you-know-who. Due to that, she thinks this is all just a crazy dream!" Bill said as he half whispered and half shouted in Dipper's ear over his little ruse he was playing on Dipper's twin sister.

"Look you creep! You totally ruined yet another perfect night that I was about to have with Dipper! Do you even know how bad I wanted just one quiet moment with my boyfriend?! And how embarrassing and awkward it was for you two brats to ruin it, yet again! And you think I want my reward to be in some type of dream limbo with you two?!" Pacifica said as she got faced to face with Bill, who groaned in disgust from this closeness and her yelling.

"You are so lucky you're a Llama, and Pine Tree likes you like he does. If you were like an Ice Pack, Question Mark, Glasses, or a stitched heart, I would have totally melted your big mouth off your fat face by now." Bill said as he stood defiantly against the blonde girlfriend, which soon caused the boyfriend to come barging in.

"Would you mind making that threat again? Because I think you've just overstayed your welcome in the Shack Cipher." Dipper said as he got up close to Bill's face alongside Pacifica. Mabel looked back and forth at the two not-so-much friends begin to fight with each other. Mabel floated down to Bill and grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away from the mini fight. Mabel then whispered to Bill, who was still steaming with rage over how Pacifica and Dipper talked down to him. Mabel proposed a small sneaky plan that would make everyone happy, yet did not make Bill happy once he heard it, crossing his arms and sticking his tongue out to Pacifica and Dipper who in turn looked at him with disgust as Pacifica held her head high and Dipper placed his hands on his hips with a giant frown. Mabel kissed Bill on the cheek which caused a steady stream of steam to fizz out of his ears and finally smile at the plan.

"Alright... Alright! I want to apologize to the both of you! I'm sorry for threatening to wipe off your fat mouth from your big face. Totally uncalled for! And I apologize for ruining your romantic night that you two would have spent with each other... However! Me and Shooting Star just thought of a genius idea to make everything better!" Bill said as he snapped his fingers and a door with the words 'Pacifica N.' labeled on it materialized out of thin air with a small gray smoke cloud.

"Just step through that door and you guys can continue on with having a good time!" Bill said as he pointed his cane to the door. Dipper scratched his head and looked over at the door, thinking it was some type of trap.

"Alright... what's the deal with this then?" Dipper said as he and Pacifica faced the door.

"Nothing really! You two go into that door and you guys get to live through one of Llama's dreams for an hour or two! Shooting Star said it would make the both of you guys happy, since Llama always has great dreams that you could find cool! The only benefit I get from this is not turning Llama into a very bloated and pudgy volleyball and spiking her twelve miles away from the Shack which would probably result in you kicking me out forever for doing something like that!" Bill said as he returned back to the air and sat down on his invisible chair. Pacifica and Dipper shot him another cold glance over another suggestion of action against Pacifica.

"What can I say?! I have a great imagination! But you two will be fine if you just go through that door! And Shooting Star promises we won't follow you and totally mess up your dreams!" Bill said as he poked Mabel's cheek with his cane.

"I Pwomise!" Mabel said as Bill's cane smushed her cheek inwards. Dipper sighed and soon thought that whenever it came to Mabel's turn to keep a promise, her record of keeping everything in order to keep said promise was one out of every twenty-five promises. However, with that being thought out, Dipper realized that he could always trust his twin rather than Bill.

"Wow! That's heartless Pine Tree! I thought we were soon to be new bros!" Bill said as he commented on what Dipper was thinking which caused Dipper to raise an eyebrow but then remember that this wasn't really a domain he controlled, more so it was Bill's and now Mabel's.

"I doubt they're going to follow us in. It couldn't be worse than just staying here while we fight with Bill. Plus he can totally live up to his threats that he's making to you... What do you think?" Dipper said as he motioned to Pacifica's door.

"Anywhere is better than here. Let's just get out and let the wack jobs perform whatever creepy and demonic acts they want to do." Pacifica said as she crossed her arms angrily, still disgruntled over being in a weird dream world.

"Excellent! We know you're going to have a wonderful time in there! And don't worry! Whenever you wanna wake up from the dream, just think about it and it'll happen! Just don't wake up in the next five minutes or so! Or you'll still be hearing the chantings and the low ritual gutters that these flesh bags are gargling out of their face holes to help me gain enough power to hold a dream event like this... Anyways! Have fun!" Bill said as he and Mabel waved goodbye to Pacifica and Dipper as Dipper slowly opened the door as a bright light washed over both him and Pacifica as they both teleported into one of Pacifica's dreams.


Dipper's eyes shot opened as he was staring up at a ceiling of a very large and white bedroom. He looked down at his body to see himself a lot taller and skinnier. Dipper sat up on the very large bed that had Pacifica sitting in it as well as he observed the bedroom more closely. A few drawers, a large bathroom behind a small door, a huge walk-in closet, and a large chandelier that hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Dipper looked over to a mirror on one of the drawers, and briefly saw that his locks seemed to grow just an inch longer, and he was now sporting a goatee. Dipper then turned his head over to his left and looked at Pacifica who appeared to have aged a few years from the last mere seconds he saw her. Her hair was a lot curlier and longer, as well as slightly brighter, but other than that, she still looked perfect. At least in Dipper's eyes Pacifica looked over to Dipper and gave a small awkward smile.

"Umm... Welcome to my dream." Pacifica said nervously due to a type of thing like this generally didn't happen on a daily basis, even though her life had taken a severely odd twist when she decided to date, Dipper Pines. Pacifica was also embarrassed by the fact that someone she held so dear to her heart was allowed access to take part in a very pivotal role in her dreams.

"Everything Looks bright and cheery. I'm guessing you normally don't dream about us when we're still below our twenties?" Dipper said as he scratched the back of his head as he felt something small and slightly metallic on his finger. Dipper looked at his hand to see the weird metal object on his hand as his eyes widened as he saw a small golden ring on his hand.

"Wow... I guess this is one of your dreams where we... We tied the knot?" Dipper said as he rubbed and fiddled with the ring.

"Yeah. This is actually a normal dream for me... This is kinda awkward isn't it?" Pacifica said with a chuckle as she around the entire room and out the windows, looking out into a very bright and sunny day.

"It's very... Strange. I think I can get used to looking like-." Dipper said as Pacifica abruptly crashed her index finger onto his lips to silence him in order for her to listen carefully for the cue for the best part of her dream to happen. Pacifica lightly smiled as she heard the soft sound and sat straight up as she looked straight at the large doors that had a giant 'P' on the left door and a 'D' on the other. Dipper looked confused and tried to listen more carefully as he heard what sounded like very light footsteps making their way quickly towards where they were sleeping. The left door creaked open as a very small person who looked shockingly just like a young Pacifica, dressed in a purple t-shirt and a white flower printed skirt ran towards the bed.

"Good morning, Mama! Good morning, Papa!" A very awake Lily Pines said as she jumped onto the bed and crashed into a hug with one arm around a very shocked and surprised Dipper and the other around a very happy Pacifica.

"Good morning, Lilian. Did you have a good night's rest?" Pacifica said as she returned Lily's tight embrace.

"Uh-huh! I slept without the night light this time! Isn't that what you talked about for me to do Papa?... Papa?" Lily said as she looked at Dipper, who stared slack-jawed and straight into Lily's eyes. Dipper shakily looked Lily up and down, studying and observing every single detail about Lily. Her soft blonde hair, her very fair light skin, her small nose that somewhat resembled more of his than Pacifica's, and her giant brown orbs for eyes.

"Papa? Is everything alright?" Lily said as she sat down on the bed and faced Dipper as Pacifica lightly nudged Dipper with her elbow to snap him out of his trance.

"I-I-I'm your d-daddy?" Dipper said in shock as Pacifica's dream child stared straight into Dipper's eyes, slightly confused that Dipper would even ask that question.

"Of course you are Papa... Isn't he Mama?" Lily said as she turned her glance from Dipper to Pacifica to get support.

"Yes, yes Lilian. Papa is your Papa. Daddy just woke up on the wrong side of the bed dearest, and he's just a tad-." Pacifica said as Dipper then shot straight up onto his feet in the bed, picking up Lily in his hands and held her tightly.

"I'm a dad! I'm a dad! Princess, I'm a dad!" Dipper said as he jumped off the bed with Lily as she giggled at the sudden burst of energy her father just received. Pacifica sighed as Dipper launched off the bed and place Lily on his shoulder and did a victory lap around the entire bedroom, in joy for being a father to a very beautiful child. Pacifica sighed as she got out of bed and closed her eyes tightly, imagining that she and Dipper would be dressed in their regular garment for today. As she reopened her eyes to see, Dipper was now dressed in a very fancy tuxedo as he continued to run around the room to keep Lily giggling as Dipper laughed along with his child. Pacifica looked down to see that she was dressed up in a fine purple dress with black high heeled shoes. She lightly rubbed her chin as she admitted to herself that she was obviously overdressed for the occasion. Pacifica shrugged and walked over as Dipper made another loop around the room and stood right next to her with a giant smile on his face.

"And you said you wouldn't make a wonderful father. Just look how happy Lily is." Pacifica said as she took their daughter off Dippers shoulders and held Lily on her hip as the Daughter smiled happily at her father.

"It's just different now because I'm face to face with her instead of thinking how horribly this could go wrong." Dipper said as he followed Pacifica out of their bedroom.

"Now that you do have the feeling that we have something perfect, how do you feel now?" Pacifica said as she opened the doors and walked out into a very bright hallway with five giant windows that were evenly spaced out from each other, also, they were facing five large doors that were the same fine wood substance as Dipper and Pacifica's door.

"Wonderful actually. This isn't so bad then I actually expected this to go so far." Dipper said as Pacifica lowered Lil and placed her between them as Lily grabbed both of their hands and walked with them, her mother on her left and her father on her right. Dipper looked out the windows to the right and saw that their giant house was right near a very beautiful beach.

"So... Where are we exactly?" Dipper asked as he stopped all of them to looked outside.

"I can't really say. We live on a golden shore somewhere nice, quiet and perfect. Lily is right now in sixth grade at the local school we send her to. How's your grades darling?" Pacifica said as she leaned down and asked Lily to inform Dipper.

"Straight A's Papa! Just like you want when you help me with my homework every night!" Lily said as she tugged on Dipper's hand as he stared out at the horizon of the ocean. Dipper resumed their small walk down the hallway as he glanced from door to door, the first door had a giant 'L' in the middle of the frame meaning that was Lily's room. Lily's room was the closest room next to Dippers and Pacifica's main room. The rest of the rooms had no giant engraving on the doors and soon passed to the last door of the hallway which was right next to the stairway which they continued to make their way down. Dipper once again stopped and let go of Lily's hand and stood by the last door. Dipper opened it slowly to find a totally pitch black room.

"What's this room for?" Dipper asked confused because how empty the room was. Pacifica walked toward Dipper and looked into the room with Lily still holding her hand.

"That's another room for one of our other children." Pacifica said as she sighed about how empty the room was.

"Why is nothing in it?" Dipper asked.

"We only really have Lilian so far." Pacifica said as she lightly squeezed a still smiling Lily's hand. Dipper closed the door tightly and thought about the empty room. Dipper but his hand up to his mouth and thought deeply about what his next move should be. Dipper closed his eyes and thought deeply about the empty room and soon mumbled out a few words and two names.

"... Alex... Jason... Blonde... Tall... Boys..." Dipper chanted, using all of his concentration and his imagination on thinking up two new additions to this family. Pacifica let Lily's hand go as Lily walked away and went into another room upstairs, and explored the mansion by herself. Dipper reopened his eyes to see that the door to the empty room now had a giant 'A' and 'J' engraved into it just like Lily's door. Pacifica raised an eyebrow at the now changed door as Dipper opened the door again, only to still find a pitch black interior. Pacifica looked confused at Dipper and wondered what he was doing as he took a step forward into the black room and fumbled around the wall to find a light switch. Dipper then turned on the light to reveal a tightly spaced room that held a flat screen tv on the left wall, small little game systems connected to the tv, a window and a desk underneath it on the other side of the room and one double bunk beds which had two tall teenage boys which were both blonde and looked amazingly like Dipper when he was sixteen, only slightly pale. One of the boys was looking at a sports magazine while he wore a plain white t-shirt and ripped up jeans as he lounged on top of the bunk. The other teenager was playing on the television on the bottom bed while he wore a gray sweatshirt with black jogging pants. The boy who was reading his magazine looked up from it and towards the now opened door and smiled.

"Hey, Dad. What's up?" The one on the top said as he got the attention of his twin who looked at the door and smiled, which distracted him enough for him to lose his game.

"Aww man, Alex! You made me lose again!" The twin said as he threw his controller down on his bed.

"You suck at that game anyway Jason. It's not my fault you'll never beat my high score." Alex said calmly as he looked back into his magazine as Jason stood up on his bed and hit Alex on the leg and pulled him off the bed, causing both of them to tumble down onto the floor and fight with each other. Pacifica stood at the doorway with her jaw on the floor as she saw two new additions to the family had just appeared literally out of thin air. Dipper grew a smile and looked back to Pacifica to see if she agreed with the change. Pacifica straightened out her face and walked quickly over to the next room that was equally empty as Alex and Jason's room used to be. Pacifica stood by the door and looked at it deeply as Dipper followed her to the other door.

"How did you do that?" Pacifica said quickly, demanding an answer as she looked at Dipper.

"I just thought about it. Anything's possible in your dreams when you just think about long enough." Dipper said with a shrug as Pacifica looked back at the plain door. Pacifica closed her eyes as, Dipper did, and began to think hard and long about what the next additions would be like when brought into her dream world. She thought of three daughters, both fifteen years of age. Blonde hair, brown hair, curly, long and short. Pacifica opened her eyes to see that on the door was now engraved a large 'S' and below was an equally large 'M' and an 'A'. Pacifica stared widely at the door and opened it quickly, anticipating something wonderful on the other side. However, the room was completely black, which caused Pacifica's shoulders to slump in defeat, but soon straightened back up and fumbled on the wall next to the door to find a light switch. Pacifica felt a small knob-like switch and flipped it upwards to reveal a room cladded with multiple posters of teenagers with microphones and guitars. Peppy and loud music soon filled the room from a large radio that was on the left wall which was surrounded by multiple cd's and records that would enter the radio. Pacifica gazed to the opposite wall of the room to see three windows that were above three beds, two of them held a girl in her fifteens with long blonde hair, a multi-colored T-shirt, black yoga pants and fuzzy white shoes. She had rosy red cheeks and looked more like Mabel than she did Pacifica. She had a large smile as she flipped through the pages of her pink and girly magazine, as she briefly looked up and smiled at Pacifica.

"Hey, Ma!" Said the bubbly teenager to Pacifica who's face instantly lit up with happiness upon hearing herself be referred to as mother.

"Stephanie! You're totally talking over the best part of the song!... Hey, Ma." Pacifica turned her head to look at the curly brown haired girl that looked like Pacifica yell over to her sister for talking too loudly over the song. The brunette wore a bright yellow dress with white high heel shoes as she fiddled with the radio to repeat the song, only acknowledging her mother for a second and going back to her songs.

"Sorry Mary!" Stephanie yelled back over to her sister as she looked back into her magazine.

"Mother, may I go to the arcade in town? I saved up a lot of coins and I so wanna beat my high score this time." A very calm short curly blonde haired Mabel looking triplet said to Pacifica. She wore a bright neon T-shirt, black jeans and a giant red hair band in her short hair.

"...Of course Alexandria! Let me just finish up a few things for just a second!" Pacifica said as she ran over to another empty room and start to create more new family members. Dipper scratched the back of his head as he observed Stephanie and Maria interact with each other as they listened to the very loud boy-band songs, thinking to himself that it wasn't the wisest idea to show Pacifica that they could make other children with the simple thought of making them.

"Father, Is everything alright with Mother?" Alexandria said politely as she faced Dipper.

"Uh... Yeah, Alex... Darling. Mom's just getting your younger brother and sisters ready for today." Dipper said as he turned from his blonde daughter and stood next to Pacifica as she thought up another set of children. Dipper looked at the door as two large letters formed on the wood surface, a large 'T' and a large 'H'. Pacifica quickly opened the door and turned on the room's light to see a somewhat dark lit room that had the two windows completely shaded. There were two small beds on the right of the room and multiple horror movie posters on the walls. Pacifica looked to the left to see two small brown haired fourteen-year-old male twins that were sitting next to a well-lit desk as they fiddled around with papers upon papers on the desk. The two boys looked over to the now opened bedroom doors and gave two equally small smiles.

"Hey, mom and dad." Said the two kids at the exact same time as they returned back to working on their riddles. Their outfits were somewhat similar to each others. Both wore a red striped shirt, one wearing khaki shorts and the other wearing jeans.

"Hello, Henry and Terry! It's so wonderful to see you two!" Pacifica said as she hardly contained her happiness as she ran over to the last empty room. Dipper watched as Pacifica stood by the door and thought hard at it to fix up the next batch of kids. Dipper walked into the room and looked at what his two young sons were working on. Dipper looked over their small shoulders to see a large cryptogram that said 'Idjlb Lv Hyhubwklqj'.

"We're almost done with this one dad! Can you go get us another one when you go back into the library?" Henry said from the left side of the desk as he wrote down which letter went in its appropriate place.

"Yeah! Henry and I are almost done!" Terry said from the right as Dipper lightly rubbed the tops of their heads and walked out in time to see Pacifica open the last door as multiple laser lights shot from the room. Dipper walked over and past the open door which had a 'J' and an 'A' on the door. Dipper looked inside to see multiple fog machines spew out their fog onto the ground with multiple speakers attached to the walls that streamed out sounds of an action-packed video game. Dipper gazed to the left as he saw a very well lit dance floor that interchanged between different colorful lights. Dipper looked near the left wall to see a very large flat screen tv streaming out a video game that a pair of brown haired girls, the one on the right wearing a bright multicolored dress and the one on the left a black leather jacket with a long skirt. The two girls were busy playing on large blue beanbags, moving and turning on their sides as they continued to play their game.

"Annabelle, Jessica, I'm going to the arcade. Wanna come?" Alexandria said from behind her parents, causing the two curly brown haired girls to pause the game and look over to the door. They both gave a wide braces-filled smile and ran to the door towards Stephanie.

"Hey Mom, Hey Dad!" Annabelle and Jessica said as they followed Stephanie down the hall and bounced their way downstairs. Dipper and Pacifica looked at the three girls make their way downstairs and looked at each other and laughed slightly.

"Please tell me this is permanent." Pacifica said as they walked to their bedroom.

"Yeah. I think this is permanent... You didn't have to go overboard, but they all seem pretty cool." Dipper said as Pacifica laughed with happiness at the children she had just created.

"Mama, Papa." Lily said from behind her parents. Dipper and Pacifica turned around to see Lily with her hands in front of her, looking like she wanted to make a request.

"What's wrong my sweetest?" Pacifica said as she bended down to Lily's height.

"... Can I have a twin brother and a twin sister too?" Lily said as she looked up to Pacifica.

"Lily, you have nine older brothers and sisters. You don't ne-." Dipper started as Pacifica stared at him coldly for him to shut up. Dipper sighed and went over to Lily's door and closed his eyes and thought deeply.

"What are you doing?" Pacifica asked confused as she stood by Dipper at Lily's door.

"You worked on the other ones, I'll work on the last ones." Dipper said as he closed his eyes tightly and opened his eyes to see that Lily's 'L' was now above a 'J' and an 'F'. Dipper sighed in success and tried to open the door as it bursted open and two young twelve-year-olds ran out of the room, one looking like Dipper and the other looked like Mabel. They ran down the hall towards the stairs, a very happy Lily followed quickly as they giggled down the hallway.

"We don't have anything in the house that's too expensive to replace right?" Dipper said as he began to jog to catch up the kids.

"Only in your trophy room up here where you catch monster mementos. Why?" Pacifica said as she walked with Dipper, who quickly sped up to catch the new installments to the family.

"Because I made Joy and Franklin really energetic." Dipper said as he ran downstairs to chase after the kids. Dipper followed the giggling and the laughter past a few hallways downstairs. Dipper passed a wrestling Alex and Jason, who almost bumped a vase down to the ground.

"Take it to the beach guys!" Dipper said over his shoulder as he jogged down the hallway.

"Sorry, dad!... Look at what you did now doofus!" Jason said as he socked Alex in the mouth.

"Shut Up Kiss up!" Alex said as he kicked Jason in the stomach and ran to the kitchen and made their way outside. Dipper ran past the large living room as he looked into it for a second as he saw Jessica, Stephanie, and Annabelle watching a movie as Stephanie painted Maria's nails as she listened to music on her U-phone. Dipper continued to follow the giggling and laughter as he passed Henry and Terry, who had equally large piles of books in their arms and made their way back up to their room. Dipper made his way into the giant library and stopped as he saw how big it was. Dipper looked around to books on top of books and smiled at how much knowledge was in this one place. Dipper snapped out of his daze and made his way to the laughter which was in the center of the library. Dipper stood next to a bookcase as he saw his youngest son, Franklin, fiddle and turn multiple pages of journal number three.

"We gotta find that page where we can summon that lava fountain... Find it yet Joy?" Franklin said over his shoulder to his brown haired twin sister who was looking through journal number two.

"Nah... Nothing but pixies and unicorns in this one... What about you Lily?" Joy said as she looked over to her blonde sister who was looking through journal one.

"I don't know what this means... What is 'U-z-n-r-o-b L-u K-r-m-v G-i-v-v-h'?" Lily said as she cocked her head in confusion as she looked at her brother and sister.

"It's a cryptogram, and you guys aren't supposed to be reading these books yet. They're to dangerous." Dipper said as he picked up the journals from the triplets.

"Aww, come on dad! You said you used to tear through these pages like a mad man when you were our age!" Franklin said as Dipper placed the journals on a high shelf that would be truly hard for twelve-year-olds to get them.

"Yeah, but that was then I had to save the world from a floating triangle... And now that floating triangle is probably your Uncle for all I know." Dipper said as he led the triplets out of the library.

"Uncle Bill? When was he a triangle?" Joy said as she looked up at her father.

"Yeah... That's a long weird story about your Aunt and Uncle. I'll tell you guys at Christmas or Thanksgiving or whenever they're over here." Dipper said as he pushed the kids lightly out of the library and closed the doors behind him.

"Dipper! Joy, Lily, Franklin! Come here! We're all taking a family picture!" Pacifica said as she leaned out from the living room and towards the gang. The triplets ran into the living room as Dipper gave out another sigh. This seems like it's going to be exhausting in the future, Dipper thought. Might as well get used to this for the time I get to be here. Dipper sauntered into the room and saw that the kids were all lined up, the boys on the left which went from youngest to oldest and the girls to the right from oldest to youngest. Pacifica put a camera on a stand and worked out the timer for it to take a picture of the very happy and ecstatic family. Pacifica looked over to Dipper as he leaned over her and looked at the camera to see if she was handling it alright.

"Thank you... For this." Pacifica said as she fiddled with the timer and pointed it to the new kids.

"Yeah, anytime... You think you can handle these many twins and triplets when you go to sleep." Dipper said as he started a small conversation with his dream wife.

"Are you kidding? This is heaven! Maybe when we have something like this again, we can add a few more. Hopefully, you'll start to dream about this now that you'll have this image in your head." Pacifica said as she finished the cameras timer and made her way past and behind the girls. Dipper followed as he walked past the boys and took his spot beside Pacifica, right behind Alex and Alexandria.

"So... you wanna wake up anytime soon?" Pacifica asked Dipper while she stared at the camera with a nice grin.

"Not really... Maybe in a few hours... It's not like Mabel and Bill would be burning the Shack down or anything... Everyone say cheese!" Dipper said as he put his arm around Pacifica's shoulder and his hand on Alex's shoulder. The family grinned and the camera flashed a picture. After the picture, Jason punched Alex in the stomach and tackled him down to the ground. Jessica, Annabelle, and Alexandria ran to the couch and continued to play their video games. Maria and Stephanie went to play their music. And Terry, Henry, Joy, Lily, and Franklin ran back to the library for Henry and Terry to continue riddle solving as Joy, Lily, and Franklin wanted to start more trouble. Pacifica sighed happily and hugged Dipper tightly.

"Thank you so much for this. I love you so much Dipper." Pacifica whispered into Dippers ear.

"Anytime Princess. Love ya to." Dipper returned the hug as the kids went into their daily routines of fighting, joking and playing with each other. Meanwhile in the real world, Pacifica and Dipper were sleeping side by side with each other, hands intertwined as a camera flashed as it took another picture and spitted it out.

"Alright! That's the last one to complete my scrapbook! I wonder why they're sleeping for so long?" Mabel asked as she didn't remember her dream adventures with Bill as she placed another picture with Dipper and Pacifica out of the five hundred that was taken in the last three hours.

"Oh, they're fine! They'll probably wake up in the next hour or two... You wanna go take Pine Trees car and go see a movie?" Bill said as he tried on multiple jackets that Dipper bought for a fancy dinner night. Bill tried on a gray jacket and smiled as Mabel hugged his arm.

"What a great idea! I'll drive, though... Don't want you to crash the car again now do we?" Mabel said as she carried Bill out of the room as the two lovebirds continued to dream about their family with each other, and their small adventures.

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Sweet Dreams CH 16
Took a while to write this. Might take a while to write the next addition. I really enjoyed writing this. I also haven't seen that much stuff about kids when it comes to Llama's and Pine Tree's, so I wanna create my little batch. Fun Fact. I didn't actually call Alex or Alexandria in reference to Alex Hirsche. I actually just thought about names that might work well in a Gravity Falls type of world.
Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.

I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
Okay, great news, I'll be back home and back on my regular schedule on Monday. And I may upload a story later tonight to set up a new string of Forrest of Pine Trees and Llama stuff. I REALLY Want to do this. It's gonna hopefully be fun. Thank you all for watching, reading and commentating. I enjoy and appreciate all feedback
The plane got delayed and had to reschedule a flight til Sunday, but expect work for Monday. Really crazy thing happened at the airport, but it was pretty much just a cancelation.
"Are you positive this time the Fireflies won't mind?" Dipper asked as Mabel held up her trusty automatic firefly catcher to go hunting for more bugs. The gang decided to go look at the sunset over the town on one of the nearby cliffs that Dipper's newly repaired car could traverse. While the idea of the sunset itself sounded lovely, Mabel had other plans of grandeur, and soon sucked Bill into her ideas as well.

"Absolutely Pine Tree. I made a deal with the Lord of the fireflies and he's totally cool with this... As long as Shooting Star agrees not to catch more than five hundred this time." Bill said with his arms behind his back in a very authoritative stance.

"I, Mabel Pines, promise not to catch more than five hundred fireflies." Mabel said as she held up her right hand to make a promise, which most likely she'll break, to not catch a specific amount of fireflies in order for them not to hold another grudge like last time.

"Alright. Just don't go crazy like last time Mabel. And Bill... Make sure she doesn't get stung too much alright?" Dipper said as he placed one hand on Mabel's shoulder and one hand on Bill's. Something that should be noted that Dipper and Bill haven't been seeing eye to eye lately, go figure. Once Dipper and Bill had a giant argument about something random, Dipper stopped using Bill's human name and started calling Bill by his original name. Not that Mabel started to notice, which made Bill thankful she didn't connect the dots on how Bill and Will were the same... Things.

"You can count on me Pine Tree!" Bill said with a mock salute.

"Come on Bill! Let's go capture some beauty!" Mabel said as she hooked her arm around Bill's and ran with her vacuum catcher turned on. Dipper sighed as he saw the two hooligans chase after light glowing dot after dot, putting themselves far away from him and his Princess as possible. Dipper turned around to the edge of the cliff and walked up to Pacifica, who was sitting on the edge, dangling her feet downwards, enjoying the soft breeze.

"You know... It's very dangerous to hang like that." Dipper said as he stood to Pacifica's left and looked out to see the sun starting to set, ending the day for now. Pacifica turned her head to Dipper and gave a soft smile.

"I love to live dangerously Mr. Pines. I am a Northwest after all." Pacifica said as she reached her hand up for Dipper to take and pull her away from the edge. Dipper clasped his right hand on Pacifica's and pulled her back on her feet while using the momentum to put her into a strong hug.

"I love it when I get to hold you like this." Dipper said as he buried his nose into Pacifica's hair and squeezed her for a few minutes.

"We get to hug like this every day though Dipper. Don't you just want to spice up our interactions just a little?" Pacifica said as she looked up at Dipper's face while still in each others embrace.

"Well, what did you have in mind princess?" Dipper said as he leaned forward and puckered his lips. Pacifica giggled at Dipper's direct approach and decided not to burst his expectations and locked lips with him. Dipper turned his head to the side as they deepened their small lip lock with each other. Pacifica released the kiss as she panted slightly over the kiss, causing Dipper to wheeze out a chuckle.

"Dang... Princess... You need to work on your cardio." Dipper said as he mocked Pacifica's tone on how she always pushed him to work out more. Pacifica lightly slapped his chest and turned around of the grasp and walked a few feet away from him.

"How dare you claim that I need to work on My cardio, Mr. Wheezy." Pacifica said as she held her head high and took on her snobby persona.

"Aww. Are you feeling a little crabby today? Someone didn't sleep well last night?" Dipper said as he put his hands on his knees to simulate that he was talking to a little child.

"Quite the contrary my love, I had a very pleasant night as usual. I had the most exquisite dream in fact. Would you like to know what it was about?" Pacifica said as she turned around quickly and gave Dipper a very happy stare as she clasped her hands together in front of her chest.

"Sure. What was your dream about?" Dipper said as he inched closer to Pacifica.

"I never told you about Lily have I?" Pacifica asked as she stared out towards the sunset.

"Lily? Who's Lily?" Dipper said as he got next to her and stared at the distance while he put his arm around her.

"Our daughter. She looks just like me, clothes and all. In my dreams at least... But one day she'll be real." Pacifica said with a smile as she remembered her dream.

"We went out for a small picnic by a large playground. We played hide and go seek, you pushed her on the swings, we slid down the slide with each other. Have you ever had a dream about our children?" Pacifica said as she turned her head to Dipper, who had a very worried expression on his face.

"N-Not really actually. My dreams are just about us... I don't know if we should really be thinking about children this early into our relationship princess." Dipper said as he lightly rubbed the back of his neck and loosened his grip on Pacifica.

"What do you mean? Aren't we going to be together till the end of time?" Pacifica asked as she looked away from the sunset and to Dipper.

"Well of course we will." Dipper said as he turned to Pacifica.

"You think we should take a break then?" Pacifica asked.

"Absolutely not. I just think we're too young to be thinking about adult stuff like that." Dipper said as he looked around to see Mabel running around the forest, catching Firefly after Firefly as Bill was sleeping on the hood of his car, not watching over Mabel like he promised he would.

"But Dipper, we're eighteen! We have to think like adults sometime in the future. If we don't, the next thing you know, we'll already be twenty-two and we'll have no clue on what to do to support each other." Pacifica said as she began to walk to the edge of the cliff to sit down again.

"That's actually another thing I wanted to talk about. We need some form of financial support. It's not that I think your dresses won't sell great when you decide to make them. It's just that I really don't know what I'm going to do to help pitch in for the family effort. I don't think mystery solvers do well in the job market." Dipper said as he made his way to the edge and sat next to Pacifica.

"You have absolutely no idea how much I still have tucked away in my bank account do you?" Pacifica said as she placed her hand on Dipper's shin.

"You really never got around to tell me." Dipper said as he placed his hand on hers.

"Lets just safely say that I have enough to support all of us in the next ten years if we do everything as planned." Pacifica said as she softly rubbed Dippers shin.

"... And what was the plan again Princess?" Dipper asked as he looked back out to the sunset.

"It's purely simple Dipper. We'll either live in the... Shack for a couple of years, maybe two maximum. While there I work overtime in making and perfecting dresses the world would go gaga over. We get enough money to buy a good mansion that has five bedrooms for our children. If everything goes right and if your family genes are intact, we'll probably have our first pair of twins around when we are... Say... Twenty-five." Pacifica said as she listed her order of events of how she would like to see her and Dipper live like in the following years, although she would need to rethink her strategy when it came to the hovel she currently had to sleep in in order to be close to Dipper.

"You do know that life never really turns out as we can plan it. And as much as I like the idea of us married and with children... I don't know." Dipper said with a sigh as he looked down the cliff and at the numerous trees at the bottom.

"You don't want something like that?" Pacifica asked as she took her hand off his shin and placed her hands on her lap.

"I just don't know what it takes to be a good father. I don't know what to say to them, and I barely know what to say when I'm with you... I don't want them to grow up and resent me or anything like that. Isn't there like a manual or a journal for me to read in order to prepare for this?" Dipper said as he looked over to Pacifica as she just giggled at how nervous Dipper got over the conversation.

"You really shouldn't worry about anything like that dearest, they'll be our children! Their's absolutely no way that they'll hate you. Just remember to treat them like how you would have liked to be treated when you were their age and always be there for them. And since I'll be the major money gatherer in our family, you'll have all the time in the world to be with our children. Just be yourself. Be dorky, nerdy, smart, and sometimes courageous, and they'll learn to love that from you." Pacifica said as she put her hand on Dipper's shoulder and lightly scratched it.

"Trust me Dipper, you'll be an excellent father." Dipper thought about what Pacifica said and continued to think about the family they'll have in the future.

"You'll be there to... Right?" Dipper asked as he stared back to the setting sun.

"Why of course Dipper! What type of mother would I be if I wasn't there when my babies needed me? I'll be there every step of the way just as you will be." Pacifica said as she placed her hands back in her lap and stared out at the sun. A few minutes of silence passed as the two stared at to the sun as they began to swing their legs in unison over the cliff.

"Now. Did you have any other questions about our pivotal roles in the upcoming future?" Pacifica asked as she looked away from the sun to Dipper. Dipper shook his head softly as he contained to stare at the setting sun.

"Well then. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to ask you a question." Pacifica said as she once again got up from the edge and pulled Dipper up as well which the both of them held each others hands as they stared into each others eyes.

"When are you going to propose to me?" Pacifica asked as she looked straight into Dipper's eyes which he laughed at the question briefly before Pacifica gave him a slightly chilly stare over laughing at such a serious matter.

"I was... Umm... Thinking that I would be in a place like this. The sun setting like that." Dipper said as he pointed towards the sun that was just a few more inches away till it fully set.

"I'd get on my knee... Like this... Hold your hand up... And then I would ask you." Dipper said as he practiced his big leading role for the next step of their relationship. Pacifica held her hand to her mouth to stiffen a small gasp and a giggle as Dipper got on his knee to simulate what would happen.

"Then you'd probably say yes, hopefully. We'd cry, laugh and hug. Then we'd do something else and just prepare for the wedding." Dipper said as he used his one leg that was still propped up for leverage as he stood straight up and back to eye level with Pacifica.

"What would happen if I say no?" Pacifica said as she leaned into Dipper and gave him a small hug.

"Than I'd say 'who are you and what have you done with my Pacifica?'" Dipper said with a smile as he lightly pecked Pacifica's lips as she returned the kiss. Dipper brought up his hand to lightly graze the side of Pacifica's head to deepen the kiss, until they heard a loud pop and a small yelp from the forest. Bill ran up to them, slightly wheezing.

"Umm... Shooting Star went overboard, the fireflies hate us again. I suggest we leave... Now." Bill said as he ran to the car in which Mabel was already in the backseat with a few twigs in her hair and small specks of dirt smudged on her face. Pacifica and Dipper groaned in disappointment and made their way quickly back to the car to leave before the fireflies buzzed near them.

"One rule that I hope you will follow when you propose to me Dipper. Don't bring them with us." Pacifica said as she got into the passengers side of the car.

"Yeah... Good idea." Dipper said as they preceded to drive away from the area which was infested with angry fireflies as Mabel began to apologize to both Pacifica and Dipper, which the two decided to give her the silent treatment all the way back home.

3-15-13-5-19 6-1-19-20
Sunsetting Futures CH 15
So, this is pretty late at night. Still on vacation, will be back on Friday, so by Saturday there will be regular posts, but just give me a day or two so I can get back into the swing of things. Either way, I hope you guys like kids and Sesrevinu Esrever
Feel free to comment and critique, please. I appreciate all forms of comments and critiques.

I do not own any of the characters that will be in this series
Gravity Falls = Alex Hirsch, Disney
This will mostly be a Dippica work, with a smidgen of A Shooting Star and A triangle
The plane got delayed and had to reschedule a flight til Sunday, but expect work for Monday. Really crazy thing happened at the airport, but it was pretty much just a cancelation.


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